Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness – Public Input Needed for a Master Plan


The Tulsa Riverparks Authority announced some exciting news recently. They have funding to develop a master plan for Tulsa’s beautiful Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. You can read the Tulsa World article here.


The best part of the news is that they want input from everybody including the general public. They have hired Micahael Van Valkenburgh Associates Inc to develop the master plan. They are the landscape architecture firm that designed Tulsa’s Gathering Place.


A series of public meetings have been scheduled. (Check the Tulsa World story for details.) And if you can’t make it the meetings or if you just cannot wait to participate, you can make comments on the web here.


You may remember the events of three years ago when Simon Malls announced plans to build an outlet mall of all things on Turkey Mountain. A small cadre of people who founded the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition stood up to them and said No. They were able to mobilize the general public and community leaders to save Turkey Mountain and Norton decided to build somewhere else (and they haven’t built an outlet mall in Tulsa yet) and funding was found to buy the private tract and eventually it will be transferred to the River Parks and preserve it from commercial development.

Jumping and Kicking Tree

And all that is great but this latest effort is needed to come up with a plan for Turkey Mountain. What does the community want Turkey Mountain to be. The threatened mall awakened the community and now the Mountain has more visitors than ever but there is no one person in charge of it and there is hardly any budget to maintain it.

Turkey Mountain 3d Photography

This master plan is a first step to defining what we want for public mountain and how to go about funding it. I’m pretty pumped about it actually.

So check out the Tulsa World Article and the River Parks website. Also check out the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition and think about joining them.

6 thoughts on “Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness – Public Input Needed for a Master Plan

  1. Randy Branstetter

    Your information is not totally correct , the ownership of the 60 acres has not been transferred to River Parks yet, I have heard there is an agreement to do so , but not recorded at the County Assessors yet.

  2. Driller's Place

    I would think that some well organized mountain bike trails and hiking trails are in order here. Some additional landscaping with native plants along the trails and development of rest areas should be given some thought. Multiple hiking trails with different levels of difficulty would be nice. There is a bike/hiking trail now from Fayetteville all the way to Bella Vista here in NW Arkansas. The total length is now a little over 40 miles so if there is a way to tie Turkey Mountain to another trail system or to the Gathering Place, that would be absolutely awesome.

  3. sallie rainville

    That is the way to go about it! Hopefully they will leave it semi-wild or at least natural — and I’m sure they will since that is why so many people were alarmed (finally) by the mall plans back then..

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