High Plains Skywatch


This past week we ventured to Colorado Springs from Tulsa for our great nephew’s high school graduation. We had quite the adventure going up, wind, rain, snow. Yep snow in May!!


Yep, snow, luckily it was very slushy and not icy and Heather’s new car has all wheel drive with a “snow mode.” I love snow mode but not snow.


Heather found this cool little Casita for us to stay in an older part of Colorado Springs. Ultra cool and snug in the freezing May weather. It was adobe and I love the look of snow and adobe.


We went to my sister Ellen’s place out in the plains east of town. Here is son Logan out in the pasture.


Ellen is an artist and she showed off her new “She Shed” where she does her painting.


And we got to see her horses.


And I found my BIL Irvin’s geocache out in front of their house.


The trip home had some great skies that looked threatening but we didn’t have the rain and snow that we had going out. While we were gone Tulsa had some pretty bad flooding that is continuing. Our home is high and dry I can report.

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15 thoughts on “High Plains Skywatch

  1. JM Illinois U.S.A.

    Isn’t it strange how fast a nephew can grow up and it took us so long to graduate high schol. Now the years just slip on by so FAST. Your sister, Ellen, is lucky enough to have a painter’s shed. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Margy

    I just went through a lot of old family photos and found pictures of my horses when I was in junior high school. Those were the days. – Margy

  3. Jeanna

    I love the perspective on the shed in the distance and the way the clouds zero in on it. Sweet babi horses too, hope you’re having a great holiday weekend, Yogi.

  4. KlaraS

    WOW, ‘snow mode’ in the car…. That’s something interesting.
    Lovely pictures.
    Thank you for hosting Skywatch Friday.

  5. islandrambles

    lovely posting, really like the wild sky photo at the top and the she-shed is amazing. I like Ellen’s horses and sounds like she lives in heaven to me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, cheers, Nora

  6. Ellen

    We had such a good time with you guys. It’s too bad the weather was so awful. I had lots of hikes and outings planned none of which happened except for the zoo. I guess if anyone comes to see us it should only be in July when winter might be finished. I love your picture of my shed, it looks amazing and makes me happy. I’m praying for a change in the weather pattern so that you all can get a break from the tornadoes and flooding. That is super scary and I have to say that I’ll keep my snow over your tornadoes. 🙂

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