Our World Tuesday – Post Oak Lodge and the Race that Wasn’t

Friday after work I headed up to Post Oak Lodge north of Tulsa to get my runners packet for the quarter marathon event on Sunday as part of their three day Post Oak Challenge series of races this past weekend.

Post Oak Challenge 2020

Post Oak Lodge is a privately run event and retreat center and it is absolutely beautiful and their races are some of my favorites. I took these pics after picking up my packet.

Post Oak Challenge 2020

Strangely enough, through some unforeseen circumstances I didn’t run the race on Sunday. That’s okay, they’ll have the race again next year and I’ll be there. In the meantime I have my memories. Four years ago I won second in my age group in the race. Next year I will be in an older age group!!

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15 thoughts on “Our World Tuesday – Post Oak Lodge and the Race that Wasn’t

  1. Sallie

    Gorgeous skies! Beautiful place … Worth the visit even if you didn’t run. So Next year you will be among the youngest in your age group? An advantage I assume.

  2. Marie Moody

    With the plant life just waiting to spring up it still looks beautiful. I wish I could run or ride my bike again. Riding is what I use to do a lot, but now I’m disabled & so is my husband for that matter. Well, him not so much he has a bad back. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh to be young again, but your pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing & have a great week!

  3. Ellen

    Looks like a beautiful place. I’m sorry you had to miss the race…you are an amazing brother. I’m doing a 5K on my birthday this year and I’m happy to be in a new age group. Unfortunately, in Colorado I’ll have to be in the 100+ age group to have a chance at coming in anywhere near the top.

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