Our World – Family Hike at Keystone State Park

Tulsa went into social isolation mode last week. All the bars, restaurants, theaters, bowling alleys and other places were ordered shut to help slow the spread of the Corona virus. My employer had already ordered those that could, to start working at home. Our son’s college has gone online and the various gyms where Heather teaches classes have closed so we were home except for trips the grocery store and to check on my brother at the hospital and Heather’s mother.

The weather was kind of crappy as well so our exercise was limited to walking our one healthy dog in the neighborhood. Saturday we were ready to check out the great outdoors so we ventured to Keystone State Park about 30 minutes away. We went out there and there were only three cars in the parking lot so we figured that we were ethically fine to go hiking without endangering ourselves or others.


Here are Logan and Heather right after we started.


The trail was a little wet in places but in great shape. The state takes really good care of it with the help of volunteers. I helped out a week or so ago, lopping branches and picking up litter. What also helps is that the trails are designed as opposed to Turkey Mountain where the trails just kind of happened. It makes a difference you know making sure that water flows across a trail rather than down it.


Keystone features rocks and trees with a healthy amount of water. This tree looks to be growing right out of the rock.


The water level was up a little. We did about three fords. We didn’t get our feet too wet.


Here are Heather and Logan doing a little social distancing during a rest break.


Another tree growing out of a rock.


And my favorite, dancing trees. When we got back to the trail head our car was the only one there. We hopped in and drove straight home. I hope everybody is being safe as we go through this Corona Virus thing together in the entire world.

Check out the World Health Organization for the straight facts. Don’t be disseminating bad information. Too much of that going on already.

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13 thoughts on “Our World – Family Hike at Keystone State Park

  1. Amy Franks

    It’s nice to get out into nature though, here in NZ people should be more concerned, they are still meeting up in public places indoors in large groups and we have large amounts of tourists that came here before the borders closed who aren’t self isolating.

  2. Eileen


    A family hike sounds great, the park looks like it could be here. Nature is good for the soul.
    Take care and stay well! Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  3. Elke

    The virus is everywhere!
    I am glad that I still find a nice place where I have no contact with anyone.
    Beautiful this landscape with you and I wish you all the best and stay healthy!
    greetings Elke

  4. Sallie

    Wonderful to find a place where you can hike and still practice social isolation. It’s a great looking place … And you get to enjoy the fruits of your volunteer labors earlier! Stay well! (And thanks for the reminder not to spread false info and rumors … could you send that reminder to the White House?)

  5. Driller's Place

    The state of Arkansas and our fair city have gone into isolation as well. While city parks remain open, the facilities in those parks are closed. No restrooms, playground equipment is closed, dog parks are closed and the list goes on. One can walk the trails and enjoy the outdoors, but all services are unavailable. My wife and I will take a drive tomorrow to get out and have a picnic lunch somewhere in Bella Vista most likely. These are strange times in which we live, but we live in a great part of this country. Stay safe.

  6. Angie

    Alan – getting outside is so good for the soul and the mind during stressful times like this. Hang in there and stay healthy.

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