Our World – The Flowers of Woodward Park

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Here in Tulsa we are under a an order to Shelter in Place except for essential trips and outside activities away from people are one of the essential trips allowed in addition to the real ones like going to the doctor, grocery store, pharmacy, liquor store, and marijuana dispensary (not kidding!) So one day I ventured off to Tulsa’s Woodward Park. The playgrounds are closed but the flower beds are open.


There were not very many people there. The ones that were kept their distance.

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There are always flower pickers (they say the flowers are there for everybody!) but not this trip, thank goodness. One lady was making me nervous as she waded into the beds but as far as I could tell she didn’t trample any.

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I don’t know anything about flowers in general or tulips in particular except that I love them. I have no desire to grow them, nope I will enjoy the fruit of other peoples’ labors.

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It took a while but I had my fill.

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They have great trees as well.

_DSC0686-Edit stone bridge 01

I love this stone bridge. You come to t he park on a nice sunny day and often there is a bride and a whole posse of bridesmaids all arranged on it. You can tell if the photographer is a pro by how nervous they look. The pro’s have to pay a fee to shoot here, they just charge it to the bride’s family as part of the cost. Hacks like me, well I can shoot to heart’s content (but not weddding parties.)

That’s it for today. Everybody stay safe, wash your hands, and hold your loved ones close. (Those that live in your household, others, just kind of wave for now) and come over to Our World Tuesday and join the fun.

8 thoughts on “Our World – The Flowers of Woodward Park

  1. A ShutterBug Explores

    What an absolutely gorgeous post ~ Lovely macro floral shots and I too love that stone bridge ~ Great shots ~ Glad you are finding lovely places to go while sheltering in place ~

    It is another grey day in MA ~ sun is suppose to come out this afternoon~ time for a walk ~

    Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Driller's Place

    Tulips seem to be everywhere. I captured those around our town square the other day. Like you, I love to look at them but have no real desire to cultivate them. They are just not with us very long. During this time of quarantine I take my camera on every essential trip, just in case I find something to photograph. Have a blessed week.

  3. Angie

    Alan – oh my. I love tulips, especially when they are grown on masse like this. How blessed you are to have access to this. I have been thinking today that maybe we should branch out and try walking a little in town. If everyone is exercising social distancing/sheltering in place, maybe the sidewalks should be empty or relatively so. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Valerie

    A delightful array of flowers Alan – thank you for sharing. It is so good to renew my acquaintance with fellow bloggers again after a 5 month pause (due to overseas travel), and especially heart warming to recognise so many familiar participants. Thank you all for the joy you bring with your photographic contributions. Keep safe and well.

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