Shadow Shot Sunday

Searching for Northern Lights

Here’s me trying to get a shot of the northern lights and failing miserably. I think I was the only one I know who did not get a shot of them.

I even launched my drone. I got some decent sky photos but no Nothern Lights. And I got some shadows on our back patio when I turned downward.

Here’s shady part of the trails on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain.

And these day lillies are casting a shadow on a tree trunk.

Get see other shadows at Shadow Shot Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday

  1. tomthebackroadstraveller

    …the evening over the weekend were too cloudy here and I was too sleepy to stay up after midnight.

  2. Sallie

    Sometimes we just have to settle for seeing something wonderful — I always try to remember that when I miss shots of birds. Before digital and blogging I used to be thrilled just to see a different bird. Now I just *have* to get a picture or I’m disappointed. You did get some fun drone shots as always. And I didn’t even see the Northern Lights , too much electric lights around here..

  3. veronica lee

    Capturing the Northern Lights can be tough, but your drone shots and the shadows on the back patio and trails are stunning nonetheless. Those day lilies casting shadows are beautiful.

    Happy Thursday, Yogi!

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