Our World – Restlessness

Mr. Squirrel politely telling me that the bird feeder is empgy
Cardinal Edit
Mr. Cardinal, singing away, looking for love I guess. Don’t ask me why he is looking at me.
Astronaut Mural in Downtown Tulsa
This mural of music legend, Leon Russell, on the other side of the building may be my favorite mural not just in Tulsa but anywhere.
The Blue Door, lots of photographers use it as a backdrop.
Nearby shrine
Echinacea Flowers aka Purple Coneflowers at Woodward Park
More flowers at Woodward Park

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10 thoughts on “Our World – Restlessness

  1. A ShutterBug Explores

    Wonderful photos ~ love the squirrel ~ too funny ~ begging for food? ~ The cardinal is probably looking at you because you look weird with a camera in your face ???? LOL ~ and do you have a mask on???? ~ Yogi ~ great photo series ~

    Be Well, Be Safe,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    ps. Glad Zoe is helping you to ‘chill out.’

  2. Penelope Notes

    Wow … you really have some striking murals in Tulsa. That blue door is so appealing. Not sure if it’s the shade or shape or background or all three. I can understand why people gravitate there.

  3. Sandra Nachlinger

    LOVE the murals! One of these days I’m going to wander around my part of the world and take photos of the murals… whenever wandering among others is feasible.

  4. Sallie

    You were creative in your restlessness — whether you Just recently went on a photo wander or whether you collected these from your archives it’s a happy post! And energizes me to look through mine for things that make me smile )).

  5. Driller's Place

    That mural of Leon is spectacular! Great collection of images. Like most folks, there is a sense of restlessness churning inside. I am done with covid-19 and the news media that seem to be hypnotized and paralyzed by it. I have every intention of being a good citizen and following the guidelines, but I am done having this pandemic in my face and shoved down my throat every minute of every day. Okay, I’m through whining now. Stay safe and have a blessed week Yogi.

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