Government may not be Answer Senator Coburn but I don’t think you are either.

I first saw the following on Okiefunk’s blog. I think that it pretty well speaks for itself.

4 thoughts on “Government may not be Answer Senator Coburn but I don’t think you are either.

  1. Baloney

    Here it is, a political statement which I always try to avoid…
    They all suck.
    I think it’s awfully convenient how they attack him for his political answer (which I agree is not impressive). I have yet to hear ANY elected official say something worth repeating or that wasn’t ambiguous like that. It’s a little unfair that only the conservative side catches heat for it.
    It would be nice if the constituents were truly someone’s concern instead of their voting base.
    Yogi, I don’t see you scrambling for votes on my blog today?

  2. Yogi♪♪♪

    @Baloney – It’s ok. You can be political. If I remember correctly wasn’t it the liberals who were catching heat at the town halls about medical insurance overhauls and the media was eating it up?

    I’m not anti-Coburn (I’m not pro Coburn either). I think that he is an honest, decent man, who has a severe case of beltway fever. But I think his plan for insurance reform has some merit. I find it odd that he doesn’t talk about it more. Check it out at

    I think that he doesn’t talk about it much because it involves taxing medical benefits and redistributing the taxes back to people based on income. (Some of his supporters get very mad at me when I say this but then they get mad at him when they read it for themselves on Coburn’s own web site.)

    I like Coburn’s plan because it will allow us to choose our insurance company instead of the one size fits all plan that most of our employers provide.

    It doesn’t address the 40 to 50 million people that don’t have insurance at all but maybe we need to do things one step at a time.

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