Lights Are Up! Again – Hopefully for Good this Time


We like our Christmas lights at our house. We don’t do much and we downsized a little this year because I didn’t like extending my ladder to the max length to get the at the very top of the house. We compensated a little bit by putting lights down on the ground in front of Heather’s roses.


So Logan and I put the lights on the gutters. We ┬áhad some old strings of the old school lights that we used. I know it is not very green for me to say so but the LED lights still have a strange cold glow that is not very Christmassy (that is a word here in Oklahoma, just so you know). I do like that you can stick a dozen or so strands together but I just don’t like the light they give off. So we went old school with the old c style bulbs this year. Hey they were in the original packages, I had to use them.


And Heather put up her dining room tree. It looks great on the inside and complements the lights outside through that big ole window.


So we put them up and shazzam! they work. You can see Heather in the doorway putting garland and lights around our front door.


The next day, no shazzam, the big lights don’t work! It looks like a couple strands have shorts so I go to do my favorite task. Redoing it! Heather helped so it went pretty fast. It had to because she had Zumba class at 5:30. I don’t dare put anything between her and her Zumba. I suggest you don’t either.


So as of last night they were still working. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

If you “do” Christmas, do you have your lights up yet? Need any help? I’m busy, sorry.

7 thoughts on “Lights Are Up! Again – Hopefully for Good this Time

  1. Ellen

    Looks so pretty and Heather’s tree is gorgeous! I’m glad you don’t climb up too far on the ladder anymore. Lights are always tricky so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they work for a couple more weeks. We aren’t putting out any lights this year since we’ll be in Idaho.

  2. DrillerAA

    I am with you, old school lights all the way, for that Christmassy look. I think, here in Arkansas, it’s Christmuhssey. With our steep pitched roof and my age, I gave up on those roof lights years ago. Ground effects only for me. Since we are moving in January, I downsized to NO outside lights this year. Next Christmas will be a different story. I am not doing LED until I have no other choice. Have a blessed Christmas.

  3. Barb

    Your house looks very festive. I hope there was no swearing with the redo. We are going VERY minimal this year – we’ll be away for Christmas.

  4. apaley

    Your decorations look lovely and festive. I do appreciate when someone decorates the outside so that we “no doers” get a free look.

    I’m fascinated with your shutters – do you ever close them or are they just for decoration?

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