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Rhema Bible College Christmas Lights

One warm evening last week all three of us headed out to Broken Arrow to check out the Rhema Ministry Christmas LIghts.

They have been doing this for years and it is free and quite the show. The lights are spread out all over the campus. They also have really good pedestrian flow compared to previous years and that is important in these pandemic times.

There is no charge and there is a very chill vibe going on.

There are milliions of lights, and reflections of those lights all over the place.

It’s a Christian organization and of course Christmas is a big deal in Christianity, celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

There is certainly a lot of joy on the Rhema Campus.

I love the marching band.

And of course, you have to have Santa Claus.

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The Chickasha Festival of Light

After our son graduated last Friday we decided to go see Chickasha’s Festival of Light at a local park. We have been hearing about it for years so this was our chance.


It was fun. Lots of lights and stuff to do. The vibe was mellow. We loved it.


Our favorite lights was this Santa skiiing behind a reindeer driven motorboat.

The had a cool bridge covered with lights going over the pond.

It was a great place to take photos.

There was another area covered with colored lights, another fun photo op.

Yep I know, I need a haircut. Coming up this Friday.


In downtown Chickasha, not part of the Festival is this crate. It has a 40 foot tall leg lamp like the one in the movie Christmas Story. It is a tethered inflatable balloon and it was grounded Friday night because of high winds. We were disappointed. I found this youtube video that shows it.

We had a good time in Chickasha. Logan has graduated and I doubt we will ever be back. Oh well.

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The Lights at Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, OK

We had a great Christmas. We were blessed to be together and my brother Bob joins us for the Holidays and we had a great meal with Nana, the world’s greatest MIL.


After the meal, we ran home and dropped the dogs off (Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if we didn’t bring our three rescue mutts over to visit with Nana’s two dogs, they all joined giving the neighbor’s dogs a good barking if nothing else.) And then we ventured to the Tulsa Suburb of Broken Arrow where Rhema Bible College has had a great light display. They have been doing it for years and years.


We were eager to see the lights Tuesday nights because they are best seen o foot and the weather was good and is expected to get cold, windy, and rainy on Wednesday.


They have over 2 million lights and they spend months getting ready for the Christmas Season.


I bet they were glad to see LED lights get popular with their drastically lowered electric consumption. I bet the meter was about to spin out into space with conventional lights. 


They are so generous. The whole thing is free. Yep, free, no charge for admission or parking or anything else. They do have refreshments and snacks available for charge and otherwise there is no charge.


And they do a good job of it. The designs have got more elaborate over the years and they have added music ad pulsating lights. It’s really a good show.


They are open nightly through New Year’s Eve. If you are in the area go check them out.


Take your camera. I chickened out and used the night landscape setting on my Nikon and I’m pretty happy with how things turned out. That is what makes me a picture taker instead of a photographer. 


I also know my limits!!!

Weekend Reflections – Christmas Lights


There is something out reflections at night when it is pitch black outside. It is very disorienting and beautiful at the same time.


Looking down into the water you don’t see the water, it seems like if you jumped in you would fall forever.

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Rhema Bible Training College Christmas Lights


Sunday after church I spent all afternoon putting our modest collection of lights up on the house. It always amazes me how long it takes to drag the stuff out, untangle everything, see what works and what doesn’t, run to the store to get what you need, drag the ladder out and then climb up and down the ladder a gazillion times. That takes 90% of the time, the rest of the time is actually putting up the lights. And then you get to make the adjustments and replace bulbs that decided not to light and well you know. Here we are.

So, we loaded up and and went to the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow to the campus of Rhema Bible Church and their gift to the community of a pure over the top Christmas lights show. (And yes, check out the web site, don’t tell them Yogi sent you unless you want to be prayed over, a lot, and then escorted off the campus.)


Their web site say they have two million lights and that seems like an undercount to me. There are lights everywhere.


I hope they get a discount on their power bill because even with led’s I bet that Public Service Company of Oklahoma is keeping an extra generator going.

Gingerbread Man

They have trees wrapped and all sorts of characters like the gingerbread man above.


Heather and I liked the tree wrapped above with all different color lights. I wonder what the story is.


They do all this for free. It is just amazing and it is very popular.

Noah's Ark

And an ark.

Merry Christmas

And a Merry Christmas sign


And there is Logan and Heather. And no, she is not shrinking. It just looks like it.

Rhema keeps the lights going from 5:30 to 11:30 nightly through January 1. Go check them out if you are close.

Christmas Light Tour


The family likes to check out Christmas lights and we haven’t been able to do so for various reasons so Sunday night we made our inaugural tour. Starting of course with our house.


Next up was the Rhema Bible Training College in nearby Broken Arrow. (No, they don’t train Bibles silly). Rhema has approximately one gazillion lights and is the most spectacular display  that I know about in Tulsa. It is best appreciated if you get out of your car and walk around. That was out for us because it was cold and misty and the kid is acting kind of like he is coming down with something. And you know how it is. Whatever you do don’t get the kid sick. That will last until he is about 72 or 73. I forget which. Anyway, if you only want to go to one place in the Tulsa area for Christmas lights, go to Rhema. Just don’t let your kids get sick.


And they have a sense of humor. I love this sign. I think it is the eleventh commandment. At least in Broken Arrow. You know how those people in Broken Arrow are.


And we always have to check out the lights in front of their auditorium. The other thing we always have to do is tell Logan stuff like, “Remember when you were a baby and all we wanted to do was go check out the Christmas lights, and OH NOOOOO, that wasn’t going to happen. You spent the whole time bawling and crying.” Of course we now have a new tradition, talking about it. If we don’t bring it up, he asks about it.


And then we left Rhema and checked out another house in Broken Arrow. They have a toy drive associated with the display. Very cool. If I were a decent blogger I would have the address to this house. LIke I said, if I were a decent blogger.


And then to Bixby, another ‘burb of Tulsa to find an animated display. While driving around we spotted this house. I love its simple but nice lighting scheme.

Ah, here we are. Animated strangeness. I loved it though although not much about it is Christmassy.  Traffic got jammed up. We sat through three numbers and had to twist and turn in the neighborhood to get out. I love it when people stop in middle of a street to gawk at stuff. I mean, I don’t mind if I do it, I just don’t want others to do it.

So, have you gone out and looked at Christmas Lights yet?

Lights Are Up! Again – Hopefully for Good this Time


We like our Christmas lights at our house. We don’t do much and we downsized a little this year because I didn’t like extending my ladder to the max length to get the at the very top of the house. We compensated a little bit by putting lights down on the ground in front of Heather’s roses.


So Logan and I put the lights on the gutters. Through this post, you can click here to learn more about gutter screens improve your home’s fire protection. We  had some old strings of the old school lights that we used. I know it is not very green for me to say so but the LED lights still have a strange cold glow that is not very Christmassy (that is a word here in Oklahoma, just so you know). I do like that you can stick a dozen or so strands together but I just don’t like the light they give off. So we went old school with the old c style bulbs this year. Hey they were in the original packages, I had to use them.


And Heather put up her dining room tree. It looks great on the inside and complements the lights outside through that big ole window.


So we put them up and shazzam! they work. You can see Heather in the doorway putting garland and lights around our front door.


The next day, no shazzam, the big lights don’t work! It looks like a couple strands have shorts so I go to do my favorite task. Redoing it! Heather helped so it went pretty fast. It had to because she had Zumba class at 5:30. I don’t dare put anything between her and her Zumba. I suggest you don’t either.


So as of last night they were still working. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!

If you “do” Christmas, do you have your lights up yet? Need any help? I’m busy, sorry.