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Tulsa’s Woodward Park

We have had some really cold weather in Tulsa the last week or so. I hadn’t felt like going out and freezing with my camera so I have been using my archives. That is wonderful in a way. I have 78,000 plus photographs so I got lots of images to draw from but you know I like taking new pictures!! So one day late last week I went to Tulsa’s Woodward Park.


This is the south side of the Tulsa Garden Center which used to be known as the Snedden Mansion. It’s a pretty cool place and is also an event center for weddings and such. My wife Heather used to work there in different capacities, so I got to work there too every once in a while for special events.

appeal to the great spirit01_DSC0227-adjust

This is “Appeal to the Great Spirit” by Cyrus Dallin. This version was cast in 1985. The original was cast in 1908 and is at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. A miniature plaster version stood at Tulsa’s Central High School from 1923 until 1976 when the school closed.

Woodward sculpture_DSC0224-adjust

I don’t know the name or history of this statue but it is a long term favorite of mine. Have to tell you though I got cold just looking at it.

poems and promises_DSC0225-adjust

This is one of favorite sculptures ever, “Poems and Promises” by Rosalind Cook. It is very peaceful looking to me. Doing my research I read where Ms. Cook says she gave it a spiraling movement by the placement of the legs, shoulders, and arms. Now that I read it, I can see what she is talking about. Artists just amaze me.


This is the Woodard Park Conservatory. It is open to the public most of the time and is very interesting with all the plants in there. It is also nice to go into on a cool day as it is generally very warm and humid.

On other matters, it has got even colder and snowier since my outing to Woodward Park. Minus two this morning.

Abby and I are sharing this throw. She’s kind of a hog though.

Our plump kitten Lizzie is whiling away the hours snoozing.

Here she is on her 180 degree abdominal twist. Front feet and head pointing one way, back feet pointing backward.

robins 03_DSC0232-adjust

We’ve had all sorts of birds hanging around also. Rascal the dog tried to bring one inside this morning. It died soon thereafter. I don’t think Rascal hurt it, it was injured or sick. Sad deal.

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