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ABC Wednesday – “Q” is for Quonset Hut!

Daycare center close to downtown Tulsa

The ubiquitous Quonset Hut was developed by the US Navy during World War II to fill their need for lightweight portable multipurpose buildings that could be moved anywhere and assembled quickly with unskilled labor. 150,000 plus were built during the war and many of the sold to the public after the war. They seem to be everywhere in a multitude of uses.

Quonset Hut

An almost hidden hut just off the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I think it used to be a dance hall but am not sure.


A storage building in Flandreau, South Dakota.

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Digital Art – Quonset Hut

Clinton Quonset Hut

I found a quonset hut in downtown Clinton, Oklahoma during a walk there a couple weeks ago. Of course wanting to improve on mother nature I ran it through Topaz Labs Impressions program and decided I liked their “Cave Dweller I” filter. It made the beautiful blue Oklahoma sky kind of this reddish, purplish, orange thing but hey I kind of like it that way. There is something about quonset huts that begs photographers to take their picture. They are so simple geometrically and they usually have the nice rusty patina to go along with them.

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