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Autumn Skywatch

Oklahoma City Starbucks Sky

The family loaded up earlier this week and traveled to western Oklahoma. 


We went to Clinton, Oklahoma. I went over and took this photo early in the morning of their Route 66 Museum. 


Later, I took this photo of this tree in our hotel parking lot. I love Fall Color.


We were in Clinton for the funeral of a family member. He was one of those great guys in life. Not flashy or one to call attention to himself but very nice, very smart, and a great guy. He was married almost sixty years and raised a great family. He was also a John Deere mechanic for about the same amount of time. They said he bled green. 


His employer, the local John Deere dealer parked these two huge tractors in front of the church in his honor. I had never seen anything like that before!!


Back in Tulsa, I found this giant cottonwood tree in a tiny little park in East Tulsa. 


Fall can even make parking lots look better.


Close by I came across this church called “God’s Church.” I love the confidence in the name. I checked out their web site and they seem to be a vital and active part of the community ministering to their members and the community. What more can you ask of a church?

I think this is my blog post 3001 more or less. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for over ten years now and I really do appreciate the support I’ve got for my humble little slice of the interwebs. 

That’s about it for this week. I’m linking with Skywatch Friday.

Lakeside Tree


These trees are in the town of Clinton of Custer County in western Oklahoma. If you’ve ever been to Custer County you might think that trees are so few that might be illegal. The land is dominating by large expanses of wheat and grazing land and there are no forests. Trees are confined to draws and gullys and in parks along lakes and such. So sometimes fence rows. So when you find a big expansive tree like this you take notice.

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Clinton, Oklahoma’s Acme Brick Park


My wife has family in western Oklahoma in the oilfield and farming town of Clinton. Clinton is right on I40 and Route 66 runs right through it and so it is town with a lot going on. My favorite part of Clinton are my wife’s family who are very friendly, open, and hospitable. My favorite place to hang out is a city park called Acme Brick Park. They have a recreation center, a small train, walking paths, lakes, and baseball fields and gets a lot of use and that is all great and anything but my favorite part of the park is the old brick building,now, the recreation center.


The building’s south side gets great sun and I just love the photographs. I know that I overdo them on Instagram but I can’t help it. Maybe it is the combination of the green roof and the red brick, I don’t know.

What about you, do you have something you photograph maybe way too much?

Digital Art – Quonset Hut

Clinton Quonset Hut

I found a quonset hut in downtown Clinton, Oklahoma during a walk there a couple weeks ago. Of course wanting to improve on mother nature I ran it through Topaz Labs Impressions program and decided I liked their “Cave Dweller I” filter. It made the beautiful blue Oklahoma sky kind of this reddish, purplish, orange thing but hey I kind of like it that way. There is something about quonset huts that begs photographers to take their picture. They are so simple geometrically and they usually have the nice rusty patina to go along with them.

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