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Signs, Signs – White Dog Hill


Up high on a hill overlooking Clinton, Oklahoma right on Route 66, just off Interstate 40 in western Oklahoma sits a restaurant called White Dog on the Hill


Heather’s family gathered in Clinton a couple weeks ago to celebrate her aunt and uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary. We had a reception at a church followed by dinner at the White Dog.


The White Dog has been a restaurant for several years by now but before that the building was long abandoned and even further back it used to be a country way back when. My Mother in Law told of high school sorority dances at the club and her father’s standing tee time Sunday afternoon’s at 1:30. I just love history like that. I also old buildings being brought back to life.


Especially by owners with a sense of history and a respect for local traditions.


And you know something else they know how to cook the food was good. And even further they provide good service and really are committed to you enjoying yourself.


We have a few years to go but maybe Heather and I can celebrate our 60th anniversary there. What do you think? 

Signs, Signs