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Happy Birthday Heather

It’s Heather’s Birthday Today!!

She’s the one that keeps things going in our house.

She’s always ready to go something, riding bikes.

Or hikes

Or sitting down, chatting over a brew

Or in the kitchen, making sure everybody is taken care of.

Happy Birthday Heather, I love you!!

Heather’s BollyX Demo Class at Utica Square


My wife, Heather, in addition to being a wife, mother, daughter and all around great woman is an exercise instructor. She teaches Zumba, Drum Fit, Aqua Zumba and other classes to variety of people mainly at the Health Zone and other places. One thing she is certified to do but hardly ever gets to do it is teach BollyX. A dance fitness exercise based on India’s Bollywood music. Heather loves Bollywood films and dancing so she is excited about teaching it. She was very excited to get a  chance to teach a BollyX class at Tulsa’s Utica Shopping Center at the Athleta store early last Saturday morning.

The class is free and it is outside so it was a little nippy at the start. Heather got the three people who showed up going though. I had never seen her teach a class before and I was really impressed how good she is. She even let me take photos and record some of the class. There were only three people but they were game and went to the end.


There was even a guy there.

The class was about 45 minutes or so. I got a little chilly watching but Heather and her students got warmed up very well and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Even the nearby Nutrcracker puppets got into it.


And with BollyX you end the class posing with the “X”


And you have to have a dramatic pose as well.

I think everybody had fun. Afterward Athleta had water for everybody and a drawing for a gift certificate. Pretty good odds with only three people.

Somebody is Having a Birthday!

Heather with cake and Birthday Angel

She is holding the Birthday Angel!

Yep, Heather is having a birthday.


She doesn’t stand still too long, she is often on the go and usually ahead of me.


Oh what does she have up her sleeve now?


I try to keep her and mother separated to minimize the mischief.


Oh, yeah, and she can cook too.


She flies high


And can sneak in under the radar!


Happy Birthday Heather, I love you!! Have a great day!!

It’s That Day Again

Birthday Cake and Birthday Angel

Somebody is having a birthday! Notice the Zumba cake that her mother got Heather. Also notice the Birthday Angel making another appearance. Time was Heather would groan when it was brought out, not any longer.

Heather as a Reindeer

Heather is always on the move these days. Full of life and surprises.

Heather with cake and Birthday Angel

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


The party continued a couple days later. I love her top, and her tiara.


And another birthday cake!!


And she blew all the candles out in one breath!!


Logan was looking forward to the cake


And so were our three mutts.

Somebody is having a Birthday!


Heather has another birthday!! Can you believe it?


She is wild. Nobody likes the beach more than she does.


She is out of control on the roller coasters, especially the ones that corkscrew upside down and all around!

Alan and Heather at KC and the Sunshine Band Concert

She’s my wife. Much more than I can deserve!!


So polish off your tiara and enjoy your day!!

In amongst all the other stuff you have going on,

Happy Birthday Heather!

Skywatch Friday – Celebrating National Running Day with a Bike Ride


Wednesday, June 4 was National Running Day. I really had a hard time getting my boss to buy into the concept that I should have the day off. In fact his comment was that I could leave whenever I wanted just call before I come back. So I decided that I would work on this very important national holiday to help America solve her energy problems.  Anybody else out there having problems with their employers like this?

Notice all the bugs on my forehead from riding through clouds of them on our ride and the dude trying to photobomb the pic. Also notice that I’m sticking my chin out to cut down the double chins. 

Anyway Heather and I celebrated National Running Day by going for a bike ride on the Arkansas River Trails after work and then chilling out listening to music by TL Odell at Elwood’s. A nice little refreshment spot on the river.

Did you celebrate anything this week?

Skywatch Friday

Happy Mother’s Day Heather


She was there at the beginning when he was protesting

Heather and Logan #mother #son #protest #rally at #tulsa #cityhall keep #clarktheateropen

He is still protesting and she is still with him. She is the SuperMom!


And a Scary Ride Buddy


Who else would he take to the big dance?


Or go find the Great Pumpkin with?


Or share his deepest thoughts?


She’s been the freezing soccer mom!


And wardrobe consultant


There’s nothing like Mom, Pooh, and a bottle of warm milk


There is nobody like her!


Happy Mother’s Day Heather! We love you very much!

The Easter Drill 2014

Home from Easter church service, but before we change and get out of our clothes and run and around to pick up the house and cook Easter lunch lets take a few pics. It’s a time honored tradition!

Ready, lets go!


Yeah, well that’s okay. Something is wrong with the camera lens that expands everything at my waist. So lets fix that.


Hmm, that’s better but I cut the top of my head off. Big loss there right? I’m calling it good.


Okay, lets pick up the critters. From left to right meet Rascal, Ginger, and Abby. Okay, one is enough of this.


Finally a decent shot!


Yep, he is taller than me. But I’m meaner.


Aw, my main squeeze. Isn’t she beautiful!


She said, get out of the picture Jack. I said my name wasn’t Jack. She said she didn’t care just get her Rascal. So here they are. I had to overexpose it a little bit cuz otherwise he is a black blob. 

I hope that you all are having as much fun on Easter as we are.

Back to the Future at the Celebrity Car Museum in Branson


Here in Branson we went to see Heather’s friend Raine who works at the Celebrity Car Museum. Raines is not only a car guy, he is quite an artist. He painted the Back to the Future themed mural above and almost all of the other art work in the museum. He is a busy man and generously took time to show us everything in the museum.


One of the special cars they have is a 1981 Delorean DMC-12, one of six used in the Back to the Future trilogy of films. As Raine put it, Heather is sitting where Michael J. Fox sat.


Personally, I think Heather looks better than Michael J. Fox ever did on his best day.


Of course, we had to try the time travel part of the car to see if it still worked.


So here is Logan present day. And then we dialed in four years ago, pushed the button and ….


Ooops, who shrunk the kid!!

Have you ever sat where Michael J. Fox sat?

Have you ever traveled through time? I want to hear about it.