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Taking Things One Step Too Far – Double Exposure Madness

I took my film fisheye camera to Woodward Park the other day. It was a nice bright sunshiney day which is perfect for my favorite film activity of making double exposures. 


My favorite is hold my hand over the sun and snap the shutter and then without advancing the film open the shutter on something colorful like flowers. So like above I got rosey hands.


And then I get purple flower hands. It is always my left hand. I tried my right hand but the shutter button is on the wrong side to work with my left hand. I wanted to try something new so…


I shot a picture of a water fountain covering the sun and then double exposed it on some other flowers. So this is a flowery water fountain. I have to tell you that I kind of like it. It is kind of strange though because there is dirty looking water on the left side and clearer on the right. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know.


I then I tried a cedar tree in the rose garden and come up with a rose tree. By then I was in a double exposing frenzy so…


I used a cedar tree as the sun block this time and then snapped a picture of another water fountain. This one make me a little dizzy and it took a while once developed to decipher just what the heck I was looking at. This one is taking the concept a little far. I’m always doing that. I don’t feel bad about it though. Moderation in all things is rather extreme is my motto.

Do you take things a little too far every now and then?