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Woodward Park – Springtime Pinhole Photography Holga 135 PC

Appeal to the Great Spirit at Tulsa's Woodward Park

I took both Holga 135 PC Pinhole Camera and my Canon Superzoom to Woodward Park on Sunday. So I have a few shots where I got similar images from both cameras.


I had to fiddle with the exposure on the Canon for this. Of course with the pinhole camera there is no adjustment besides how long you manually open the shutter. The sculpture looks a lot better with the digital but the background is a mess. The pinhole camera “schmears” the background a little and IMHO gives the overall photo a little bit better look.



This bridge and rock stairs is kind of a draw in my opinion. I have to tell you that I like the film shot a bit better.



This shot across the water is markedly different. The water was a little ripply from the wind and the schmearing effect of the long shutter time gives the surface an ice rink kind of appearance. The people across the pond have a more mysterious appearance. The digital camera provides tons more clarity.



You know, what the heck. Can you go wrong with daffodils as a subject. I don’t think so.

So what do you think? Am I crazy for liking pinhole cameras?

People Watching on First Sunny Day at Woodward Park


Saturday the flowers were blooming and the sun was shining at Woodward Park. It’s that time of year when Spring is Springing but the trees haven’t leafed out yet.


The critters were out scrounging around.


People were flocking to enjoy the sun and the quiet of the place.


This couple went old school with a blanket and a dog. I wish we had dogs that could just lay down and be quiet in a public place. No way, especially with a bunch of squirrels that need a good barking and chase.


I was totally jealous of this guy or gal. I’d never seen a hammock that closes up like this. What a great place to take a nap.


Like I said, everybody was catching rays.

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The Daffodils are Blooming at Woodward Park


The Daffodils are blooming at Woodward Park


So everybody is out taking pictures of flowers and themselves and their loved ones. When I first got there there was a couple who set up a tripod with a video camera to make videos of themselves making out in amongst the daffodils. I was too flabbergasted to fulfill my journalistic duty to document such goings on in the buckle of the Bible belt. I’m sure they were from New York or California or some other godless place. Anybody out there done a video of themselves making out? We want to hear about it.


I brought along my pinhole camera to take pics of the daffodils. 


This is a double exposure using the pinhole camera. A Holga PC 135.


I can’t wait for the tulips to come up!

Water World Wednesday – Sculpture and Pond

Sculpture and Pond

I took this pic back in late November before it got real cold. I took with my Diana Mini Lomography camera in the split frame mode where it puts two pics on one frame. So this pic is from one half a frame.

I just love the solitary moodiness of it, the low fidelity, the grain of the film, the whole deal. I even love it that the pile of white rocks dominates the pic and almost looks like a giant, creepy flower blossom, and the dark sculpture is obscure.

In case you were wondering what was on the other half frame:


Same park, different pond.

Why does the camera have a half frame mode? If you find out tell me and then we’ll both know. It is quirkiness like this that makes me love my collection of strange little plastic cameras.

Water World Wednesday

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Woodward Park Sculpture and Lomography with the Diana Mini Camera


Saturday I had a little time to myself while Logan was at his Improv Comedy class so I went to Woodward Park for a little geocaching and photography. My camera was the Lomography Diana Mini. It is a 35 mm film camera that has two modes. One of the modes is split frame where you can put two photographs on the same frame. Above are two sculptures side by side at the park.


The park has a network of trails that run through the azalea beds. I took pics of the trails ahead and behind me.


This is also a split frame mode photograph showing the mysterious funky little art deco memorial to Shakespeare. It was designed by Adah Robinson back in the 1930’s. She was an architect who is credit by some with the design of the art deco landmark, Boston Avenue Church.

Linnaeus Sculpture

The Diana Mini also has a full frame mode that is not quite full frame. It make square photographs. Did I say that the processing the camera’s film drives my Walgreens film guys either crazy or they love it? This sculpture is by Rosalind Cook of Carl Linnaeus at the entrance to the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens.

Poem's and Promises

This is another sculpture by Rosalind Cook called Poems and Promises. She donated it to the city in 2010. It sits in the Anne Hathaway Herb Garden. I just love this work.

Poems and Promises

This is a closeup.

So do you still use film cameras?

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Double Exposure – Appeal to the Great Spirit

The Great Spirit

This is a popular statue in Tulsa’s Woodward Park. I took my Lomography La Sardina film camera and took a shot with the sun behind the statue. I then turned 180 degrees and took a picture of the tree behind me without advancing the film. The tree image filled in the dark area of the statue. I thought it turned out pretty good.

What have you been experimenting with lately?

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Taking Things One Step Too Far – Double Exposure Madness

I took my film fisheye camera to Woodward Park the other day. It was a nice bright sunshiney day which is perfect for my favorite film activity of making double exposures. 


My favorite is hold my hand over the sun and snap the shutter and then without advancing the film open the shutter on something colorful like flowers. So like above I got rosey hands.


And then I get purple flower hands. It is always my left hand. I tried my right hand but the shutter button is on the wrong side to work with my left hand. I wanted to try something new so…


I shot a picture of a water fountain covering the sun and then double exposed it on some other flowers. So this is a flowery water fountain. I have to tell you that I kind of like it. It is kind of strange though because there is dirty looking water on the left side and clearer on the right. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know.


I then I tried a cedar tree in the rose garden and come up with a rose tree. By then I was in a double exposing frenzy so…


I used a cedar tree as the sun block this time and then snapped a picture of another water fountain. This one make me a little dizzy and it took a while once developed to decipher just what the heck I was looking at. This one is taking the concept a little far. I’m always doing that. I don’t feel bad about it though. Moderation in all things is rather extreme is my motto.

Do you take things a little too far every now and then?

Shadow Shot Sunday – Tulsa’s Linnaeus Teaching Gardens

(True Confession Time – This photo is a couple of years old. I am so ashamed! But how can you do a post about the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens without a picture of Carl Linnaeus? The rest of the photos are just a couple week old, honest, really, yes really.)

A couple of weeks ago I found myself with a few minutes to spare between engagements so I went through the Linnaeus Teaching Gardens at Woodward Park here in Tulsa. It is a lot of garden shoehorned nicely into a relatively small space. It has also got lots of shadows.

(The couple on the left were courting the 21st century way: Texting!. Holding hands is so 20th century.)

The entrance is very inviting and shady. You can just barely see Carl way down at the end of the walk.


There are tables and chairs for relaxing.


And benches.

(Maybe here is where I tell you that the gardens are now closed until Mother’s Day. Sorry.)

And stone seating areas.

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Our World – Tulips

Early in April the Tulips were coming up in Tulsa’s Woodward Park. I took along my Lomography Diana Mini toy camera, a simple film camera.


The tulips were beautiful as you can see. I loved the deep rich color.


They were everywhwere.


Above and below I did a little experimenting with double exposures. The poor man’s photoshop.


It is certainly not an improvement on nature but I like the tulip ghosty images.

Our World Tuesday

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Ramada Shadows

Linnaeus Garden Shadows

Well,I’ve been absent a couple days from bloggerville. you see it has been my birthday and so I’ve been spending time with the family letting them spoil me. Today we went to Tulsa’s Linnaeus teaching gardens at Woodward Park. I saw a lot of great sights and I loved this yellowish plant and the shadowplay on the ramada above.

ShadowShot Sunday 2

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