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Happy Fathers Day Dad – 2014


This is my Dad. He used to be pretty skinny, not so much any more. Same thing with me. It might be a genetic disorder. I think this is high school graduation photograph. I just love that tie.

Dad, Alan, and Brother Bob

This is Dad with brother Bob and me on Dad’s knee. I just love that hat of mine. I wonder what ever happened to it? I’ll have to hide it from Heather if I find it. She has a way of throwing away my most treasured hats. I don’t know why.


I am not sure where this is. I’m sure we were visiting relatives somewhere. How come everybody Dad is color coordinated. The little girl is my sister Ellen. Dad looks like a KGB spy here. Mom is no longer with us. I really miss her. She and Dad made a great time.


Dad wasn’t really a KGB agent, he was a Forest Ranger. Why a forest ranger is baby sitting cows is something I can’t figure out.

As far as me and my brother were concerned nobody ranked any higher than Dad. We had the run of whatever Ranger Station we were at, and we considered ourselves deputies. One time at Payson, Arizona we came across a National Guard officer of some sort who was waiting to talk with Dad about a big fire that his outfit was going to fight. He was kind of joshing Bob and I along, we must have been about 7 and 5 years old at the time. We told him that he better wait and check with Dad on that before he did anything. He thought that was pretty funny. Yeah, well, we were serious.


Here is another shot of Dad the Forest Ranger and brother Bob and I. I am wondering whatever happened to my Smokey Bear. I am not sure why brother Bob is looking the other way. Probably he is looking that way because he was told to look the other way. Brother Bob can be bad about stuff like that. Me too sometimes.


Here is a more recent photo of Dad. He is a great guy to sit and talk. 

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you.

Happy Father’s Day Dad


My Dad was a dapper young man.


With an eye for Vargas Girls in college.


Starting a family with my late Mother, that’s my older brother with the worried look on his face.


In addition to a Grandson and Granddaughters he has a Great Grand Son, Mr. Beans.


There we are, Sister, Ellen, Brother Bob, Dad, and yours truly.


Gramps always has something to say. If you are wise you will listen.

Happy Fathers’ Day Dad!!

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