A Tale of Woe in Four Photographs

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How can a place be sunny and dark all at the same time?

Sunday was a great day, cool, sunny, and clear. Heather went shopping with her Mom.

Logan and I decided to go close to downtown to see what what we could see. I took along my Holga 135 PC Pinhole Camera.

Logan at #cainsballroom in the #bradydistrict #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok
Kid has never heard of Bob Wills.
Did you know that Bob Will’s grave is a virtual geocache here in Tulsa?

We checked out Cain’s Ballroom, or at least the sign and Reunification Plaza, the Meadowgold Sign on Route 66, and ONEOK Field.

We never figured out what the deal was with the shopping carts. We liked the color though.

We checked out the murals behind the Living Art. I shot a whole roll of 36 exposures.

I dropped them off at Walgreen’s and then came home. Heather came home and we went to the Rib Crib for some Q.

#selfie by Logan at #livingarts #mural #art #publicart #downtowntulsa #oklahoma #igersok
How do you like my new girlfriend?
She certainly has a full set of teeth.

After the Q, I went back to Walgreen’s and not a single exposure was usable.


It was still a good day though.

Thank Goodness for Smart Phone Cameras and Ipods.

5 thoughts on “A Tale of Woe in Four Photographs

  1. Jeanie

    Sounds like it was a very nice day. I have heard of Bob Wills and Cains Ballroom. Meadowgold is the milk of my childhood, delivered by a milkman.

  2. DrillerAA09

    LOVE the texture of the first two images. I find that shadow going all the way up Logan’s chest very interesting. To be honest, I don’t think Heather has anything to worry about…you’re new girl friend is just skin and bones, minus the skin. Like Jeanie, Meadowgold was the milk of my childhood and it was delivered by the milkman.

  3. Sylvia K

    Fun shots for the day! You and Logan do have fun! Ah, and your new girl friend is definitely too skinny — well, and too many teeth!!

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