A Noon Walk in Four Photographs

This work tickles me. I have no idea what it is about or why it is there so I call it Tulsa’s Tribute to Exotic Dancers. I mean exotic dancers need love too right?

I’m not one of those who can just work all morning and then grab a sandwich and work while eating and then keep on working. I know people like that and I feel sorry for them. Working your fingers to the bone gets you bony fingers is my motto. Especially on a beautiful day like Tuesday. So after I ate my lunch I fired the Hipstamatic app on my Ipod Touch and off I went to the Brady District, just over the tracks from downtown for a little walk.

I’m going to go into the Hunt Club in the Brady District one day after work and get me a beer. I’m going to do that even though I am not near enough a cool person enough to go do that.

In addition to my Ipod I took along my wide brimmed hat. You see I have a little touch, (non serious, and treatable) of skin cancer on my forehead, face, and hands. So I got the big trifecta treatment (that is what I call it). I got a bunch of lesions froze off and then last week I had a little “burn and scrape” on my forehead and then I got the “chemotherapy cream” that I put on my forehead three times over the weekend.

It tickles me that the Woody Guthrie Museum is in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is in bad need of Woody Guthrie therapy.

So now my forehead looks horrible. It is all broken out and red and draining a little. I’m getting stared at in meetings and a young lady asked me in the elevator today if I was okay. I’m great and getting better every day is what I told her. I told her that it looked worse than it felt. I told her that the old skin is peeling and new skin is underneath.  Dang, what is it taking so long to get to the first floor!? I could tell she felt really sorry for me and that I was just trying to be positive about it. She told me as we got out that she hoped everything was going to be okay. Yeah, well I do too.

I have to tell you, I love almost everything there is about trains and railroads. 

So, I really am okay! But I’m putting on extra sunscreen and wearing my big ole funny looking wide brimmed SPF 50 hat when I’m outside. My dermatologist tells me that she and I will be seeing each other twice a year or so for many years to come. Makes me glad that I picked such a young pretty one is what I say.

What kind of precautions are you taking these days?

7 thoughts on “A Noon Walk in Four Photographs

  1. Sylvia K

    You wouldn’t even want to glance at my list!! Just take care, enjoy and make the most of every minute — whether you’re 100% healthy or less!! It’s all what we make it in the long run!! Have fun!

  2. DrillerAA09

    Well, if I’m going to spend several hours in my bass boat, I start the morning with SPF 50 and I have traded in my good ol boy baseball cap for a wide brim model similar to yours.
    Those railroad tracks have carried untold thousands of people to destinations all over this country during the golden age of railroading. I love the railroad…it’s a family tradition. Had I made a career in railroading I would have been a third generation railroad man. I chose architecture instead.

  3. Leedslass

    What would I/we do without you taking walks in different parts of Tulsa showing us what a diverse town it is?

    Sorry about you having to be checked out for the foreseeable future. Never mind, that happened to me when I was 40 and, at 70, doctors decided seeing me way too often was stupid so got rid of me – your time will come:-)


    strangers in the elevator who care, a beautiful dermatologist…what could be better?!! Well, ya…your cancer goes in remission to never return!!

    Great walk. And I loved listening to you and ‘talking’ with you as you take us on a tour.

  5. Lois Evensen

    Yes, a very enjoyable walk. Thanks for taking us along.

    I hope that skin thing works out, too. I have a similar problem and have had a nasty thing removed from my arm.

    The precaution I take is to stay away from the pool deck except for an occasional walk up there to get some exercise. Most of my walks are on the promenade deck which is shaded.

    I don’t have any problems with sun at all today. We just got back to Cincinnati where it is snowing.

  6. Barb

    Wow – your photos are so diverse. I really like the rail one. Sun at altitude is a killer. I wear sunblock and a bike/ski helmet or hat faithfully, but even so, I have unattractive sun spots. So far, the derm hasn’t been overly concerned. My deem has the whitest skin – I’m sure she NEVER has sun exposure. She reminds me of a vampire.

  7. Icy BC

    Oh I love your attitude of just leaving work things behind and go for a walk like that with great shots too, I dare add.

    I have seen so many people who have cellphone stuck to their ears 24/7..

    I hope your forehead looks better soon..

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