Digital Art Meme – Clinton, Oklahomas First United Methodist Church Spaceship

Clinton FUMC - Topaz Glow Blazing Neon II

Back during the July 4th holiday we visited family in western Oklahoma. I went for a stroll down main street while there and came across Clinton’s First United Methodist Church. I loved the big old mid century modern building with the humongous canopy. It looked like a space ship to me. I’m just glad that a tornado hasn’t come along and sent that canopy flying like a frisbee into Arkansas.

I decided to use my Topaz Glow program to give it the proper “swoopy” look that a space ship needs. That little splash of color in the leftmost first story window are some canas taht probably look better unswooped.


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9 thoughts on “Digital Art Meme – Clinton, Oklahomas First United Methodist Church Spaceship

  1. Ellen

    You are so creative with your shots! Absolutely beautiful! The artist side of your brain partners well with the engineer side of your brain.

  2. Sallie

    Extremely cool! Looks like it should be. In Law Vegas tho in your version of reality. . Just the perfect place for an Elvis wedding)).

  3. Claudia

    I recently acquired Topaz, too, and I love the Glow. Mostly I use it in moderation like on my current image on the blog, but yours looks great in its full boldness.

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