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The Creative Playroom – Roadside Junk Art

Junk Car Topaz Impressions Colored Pencil I 100 pct

I found this old junk car, decorated with Christmas Lights, and a funny sign in downtown Tulsa not far from Route 66 so I had to do something with it. I the core downtown area of Tulsa with its beautiful art deco buildings and I also love the “squalor zone” surrounding the core downtown where the warehouses, old apartments, and machine shops where the art galleries, union halls, and collision repair shops coexist and where the interesting finds are.

I used Topaz Labs Impressions software on this and the “Colored Pencil I” filter. I didn’t back it off any. I like how the clumps of grass look alive in this treatment.

I posted a different version of this same photograph on Instagram using Snapseed. You can see it in the gallery to the right. Hey who says that I can’t use the same photograph multiple times?

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Harbinger of Autumn

Cottonwood Tree

Oxley Nature Center – Tulsa, Oklahoma Topaz Impressions

It is getting to be late September. Pretty soon the weather will break and Tulsa’s long wonderful Fall season will be upon us. You can already tell that things are changing. Although still hot, the sun is a little lower. The mornings are a little cooler. The sky gets a little bluer. There is something subtle about a cottonwood tree that heralds the coming of Fall. I don’t know if is a subtle change in the color of its leaves or just what, maybe my imagination, but I can tell that things are changing.

How can you tell that the seasons are changing?

Digital Art Meme – Clinton, Oklahomas First United Methodist Church Spaceship

Clinton FUMC - Topaz Glow Blazing Neon II

Back during the July 4th holiday we visited family in western Oklahoma. I went for a stroll down main street while there and came across Clinton’s First United Methodist Church. I loved the big old mid century modern building with the humongous canopy. It looked like a space ship to me. I’m just glad that a tornado hasn’t come along and sent that canopy flying like a frisbee into Arkansas.

I decided to use my Topaz Glow program to give it the proper “swoopy” look that a space ship needs. That little splash of color in the leftmost first story window are some canas taht probably look better unswooped.


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Woodward Park Squirrel

Squirrel - Topaz

One of the many squirrels hanging out at Tulsa’s Woodward Park. He is a little more inquisitive than most of them who when they see you don’t have food lose interest in you. I liked this guys big eyes. I hope that he has got his food cached for the winter because this winter is supposed to be cold.

I used Topaz Labs Impressions to give this photo a painted look.

Digital Art Meme