Scavenger Hunt Sunday – On my Soap Box Edition

1. Starts with S


The Snake River goes over some falls in the town of Idaho Falls, Idaho where my father lives.

2. Leading Lines


I am not sure what “Leading Lines” pertains to but here is some lines created by shadows on the pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River here in Tulsa.

3. Powerful

#powerplant #electricity #generation #industry #tulsa #oklahoma #igersok PSO's Tulsa Power Station #arkansasriver

This is Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s Tulsa Power Station on the banks of the Arkansas River. It used to be powerful and is now used, I think, as standby power in case that one  of the newer, bigger power plants goes off-line for some reason.

4. Frozen

panorma of ice compressor station

I have to admit that I didn’t take this photo myself.

This is a big compressor station, about 20,000 horsepower,  in western Oklahoma compressing raw wellhead natural gas from the Cana Woodford Shale formation for use in fueling electric generation plants, industry, and home heating from Oklahoma to the upper midwest.  If it all went for residential use this one compressor station moves enough gas to meet the needs of 467,000 households. Hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is not done for the fun of it. It produces a useful product. You know how to stop fracking? Turn your lights off, your heat off, and your hot water heater, and don’t drive or fly anywhere and don’t buy anything that has plastic in it. If everybody does that, oil and natural gas producers won’t fracture wells any longer. I’ll get off my soap box with the final statement that I fully support regulatory requirements necessary to ensure water and air quality and protect wildlife and prevent earthquakes.

5. Daily Task

Bella Taking a Nap

Meet Bella, Bella is a little sweetheart and she takes her daily naps very seriously.

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10 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday – On my Soap Box Edition

  1. Abrianna

    Pugs are so cute. I like the texture in the power plant shot and great shadows in leading lines. Leading lines are elements (that don’t have to be physical lines) that draw the viewers eye into the picture.

  2. Driller's Place

    LOVE the power station image. Like Bella, I take my naps seriously, although they are not a daily task. “Leading Lines” is a photography term, but as a “picture taker” I don’t think you need to worry too much about it. Your images are just fine.

  3. sylviakirk

    Great shots for the day and, of course, I love the one of Bella! Such a cutie! The waterfall is beautiful!! Hope your weekend has been a good one!!

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