Rudolph Run 5K – Broken Arrow, OK


They had a cool and very engaged Santa at the race. He was giving out high fives, especially to the kids. I like active and engaged Santas. I still have a bone to pick with him about the ever increasing amounts of coal I get in my stocking every year.

Saturday I ran in the first ever Rudolph 5K in Broken Arrow. It was only my second race since I screwed up knee on a trail race on Labor Day and the first race where I was going to try and run the whole way.


People dressed up with reindeer antlers and red noses and all sorts of costumes.

I went through a couple months of rehab on my knee and about a month on my own doing the stretches and exercises that the Physical Therapists taught me.


So I pretty pleased, I was able to run the entire way though pretty slowly. My knee felt fine before, during, and after the race so getting faster is now a matter of training and conditioning. I never was very fast. My motto has always been to start slow and then taper off.


I could say that I was fast enough to place third in my age group, which would be true. The whole truth is that there were only three men in my age group, not counting the thousands of guys in northeast Oklahoma who slept in and didn’t enter the race. So I’m booking it as third in my age group.

I appreciate the organizer of the race, Fleet Feet Sports, and all the other people including volunteers that it takes to put on an event like this.

9 thoughts on “Rudolph Run 5K – Broken Arrow, OK

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, good for you!! And I’m glad it went well!! Looks like a fun day for all!! Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!

  2. Barb

    Glad you got out there and ran. I once bagged first, second, and third in a race because I was the only old lady running! (And I was younger then.) Looks like it wasn’t too cold by the way people were dressed. Hope your knee isn’t stiff tomorrow.

  3. Cathy Kennedy

    Alan, congrats on completely race and for the continued improvement with your knee. Running is one of those sports I never liked much, even as a kid. I’m just not very fast. It’s very discouraging when everyone else passes me by with me tailing things up always. Here’s a tip for you. You gotta be a good boy so Santa doesn’t leave coal in stocking. I know, I know that’s a tough one for ya, but you gotta try. It’s not too late to try to make it on Santa’s Nice List and if you don’t then include that on your New Year’s resolutions. lol

  4. Rosemary

    Go, Yogi, go! Third is good, far better than all those who didn’t turn up. Congratulations, I’m impressed. Now put your feet up and have a fabulous Christmas!

  5. EG CameraGirl

    So sorry you’re getting so much coal in your stocking, Yogi. Maybe – just maybe – you need to do something about that. lol Congrats on completing the race!

  6. Genie

    You go my friend. You RAN it!!! kudos to you. I walked my first 5K a few weeks back and I was so happy with myself. I was never a runner…rather a swimmer. Loved the decorations. Those boots were superb. I THINK SOC represents “straight out of camera.” At least that’s what I mean when I use it. Merry Christmas. Is there something I can do so I do not have to type name, email, and blog title every time I comment? I feel like must be a way. G

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