A Vision for Turkey Mountain


Tulsa voters will get their chance to secure Turkey Mountain Wilderness Area‘s future on April 5 this year by voting for a huge bond issue that includes $6 million for purchasing land from private owners. Land that almost got turned into an outlet mall last year. The public rejected that proposal but the land is still privately held and zoned for smaller development and it is only fair for the owners to be compensated and they are willing to sell at their acreage.


Turkey Mountain is a hodgepodge of land owned by the River Parks Authority, the George Kaiser Family Foundation and private landowners. Park users have the run of the place and we need to start moving toward consolidating the ownership and management. We don’t need to wake up one day to see a gas station going in.


So I’ll be at the polls on April 5 voting for the bond issue.

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5 thoughts on “A Vision for Turkey Mountain

  1. Driller's Place

    In all the years that I grew up and later lived in Tulsa, I have never been on Turkey Mountain, but I feel like I know all about it because of your posts. Thanks for sharing the saga of Turkey Mountain with us. Looking forward to seeing what develops. Have a blessed week.

  2. sylviakirk

    Oh, that’s too lovely a place to allow it to be turned into ONE MORE SHOPPING MALL!!!! I do hope it gets saved!! Such beauty does need to be saved!!!

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