Our World – Geocaching at Tulsa’s Mohawk Park

(Only geocachers were out in the park on Saturday. And other people who have no sense.)

With all that we have had going on this winter plus the cold miserable weather I haven’t been geocaching in months. Today after dropping Logan off at his improv comedy class I had a couple hours to myself so I went to Mohawk Park to find a few caches.

(Old lighted parking lot fallen into disuse. I don’t know why people would park there, especially at night.)

You see I like to find the bigger caches out in the woods. I like the sense of aloneness and it gives me a chance to get my head back on straight. My hair may be all messed up but I like my head on straight.

(Believe it or not I followed a faint trail through the woods.)

Mohawk Park is immense. At 2800 acres it is one of the biggest city parks in the country. Some of it is pretty developed. The Tulsa Zoo is there along with picnic grounds and playgrounds along with a police shooting range. There is plenty of woods left to hide geocaches.

(For some reason coming upon these little buildings creeps me out.)

In my travels I found a long forgotten barn out in the middle of nowhere.


It wasn’t too forgotten. Somebody was storing hay there. For what, I don’t know. There were no livestock nearby.)

(Are you kidding me? It is not even that good. Maybe they were practicing, or they were ashamed of themselves.)
And some taggers had found it.

(Something else that creeps me out, getting followed at long distance.)

A guy was walking his dog along an abandoned road.

(Thank you to my fellow taxpayers for spending billions of dollars putting the GPS satellites in space so I can find trinkets in the woods! I salute you.)

I found four caches while I was out there. My fancy schmancy fitbit tells me that I walked about 6000 steps doing that or about three miles. That includes the walking around in circles muttering to myself while looking for these things.

(I bet you were completely fooled)

This is what geocachers call “parallel stick camo.”


Somebody else found this structure. What it is doing out here besides being a cache hiding spot? I have no idea.


I saw this cache from across a creek. It has been out here eleven years. It takes a lot of work to keep a cache going that long. People accidentally find them and take them or vandalize them. Water gets inside them and spoils the paper log.

Time was up and I headed back into town to pick up the kid.

Have you ever been geocaching? Or do you have a life?

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22 thoughts on “Our World – Geocaching at Tulsa’s Mohawk Park

  1. jo-hanna

    Sounds a bit like orienteering without the mob.
    6000 steps? Still 4000 to go for your day’s quota 🙂
    This walk will be so much nicer in a few weeks’ time when all is green again.

  2. Sylvia K

    You always start my day with a giggle and/or a belly laugh — I got both today!! And they are appreciated — it’s as gray and grim here in Portland as it is in Oklahoma!!

  3. John

    I fear that if I went geocaching, I would become a mobile cache and people would have to come looking for me. In other words, I would get so lost that even my share of a billion dollar GPS satellite couldn’t find me. I would give a whole new meaning to “Off the Grid”.

  4. EG CameraGirl

    I have never been geocaching but my daughter has. She loves doing it. I’m sure I would love the excitement of finding a geocache but might get super frustrated if I couldn’t find it.

  5. Leedslass

    Geocaching definitely not for me but I enjoy reading about a fellow I know who does! If you don’t know him, he’s an outdoor nut and uses a camera at any opportunity. I like to think that if we ever met, we’d share the same sense of humour.

  6. Yogi♪♪♪

    @jo-hanna – These caches are deep in the woods and I wanted to find them before the thorns, poison ivy, chiggers, and ticks started reclaiming the land. Late Fall and Winter are the golden times for geocaching in the woods.

  7. Yogi♪♪♪

    @Leedslass – I’d like to meet you sometime but we know that is not likely to happen. Fair warning. The Tulsa Car show is later in March and Bill and I will probably both be posting photos from it.

  8. Barb

    That park creeped me out a bit because it was so overcast and dismal outside. I always like to go along virtually when you’re geocaching. I actually found a cache one time when I was hiking with a friend – we didn’t vandalize it or take anything, don’t worry.

  9. Leedslass

    Thanks for ruining my morning Yogi – that damn Car thing seems to come round on a monthly basis, never mind annual.
    Not signing off as Leedslass, with that sort of news, this one is “Bored out of her brains in Leeds”.

  10. Carole M.

    I have no idea what geo-cache’ is; will have to Google it! Also the equipment photo… you’ve taught me new things reading your post tonight

  11. Beryl

    I love the idea of Geocaching, but would worry about the ticks and chiggers – which I see in your comment is why you do the woods in Winter and Fall. Just started using a Fitbit and find the results fascinating – especially the Sleep Log.

  12. adairmd

    Why am I just now reading this? I have wondered what that thing was when I hid that cache there. I looked around more it looked like some kind of wall or foundation was there.

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