2016 Tulsa Leake Car Auction

Friday is my day off, Heather had to teach an exercise class, and Logan is out of school so I dragged him to the Fairgrounds to the Leake Car Auction.


Lots and lots of cars there. I’m partial to red cars, lIke this Mustang above.


Or the Porsche being cleaned up. It is hard to be a Porsche for styling.


I also love the big American cars of the 1950’s like this 1954 Crestline Victoria. I love all the chrome, that beautiful blue color, and the swoopy curves.


I don’t mean I ever want to own one I just like looking at them.


I like the more homely but distinctive cars also such Trifun quarter ton truck. The three wheels are a gas.


And the tilting bed. They said only 300 miles since new but the seats and everything else in the cab was very worn. It was a very hard 300 miles.


And who doesn’t love a land cruiser. These are classic vehicles. 


How about an air boat for hunting alligators?


I love the camo but don’t you know that thing is loud.


By far my favorite of the show was this heavily modified1967 Land Rover


It had the best and most puzzling hood ornament.


It looks like it could be chasing down lions and elephants in Africa.


I like the “scouting seats” up above. Scouting seats my butt, I bet rich Texans sat up there and shot at critters. If somebody wants to buy it for me I would sit up there and shoot critters also, with my camera.

5 thoughts on “2016 Tulsa Leake Car Auction

  1. genie

    Dog-Gone-It!!! First you show me a Land Rover that looks like ours that Ridgie – my 52 year old – turned upside down in the creek driving it back across our bridge. It was about this year that we bought our blue one, but we never had the wench on the front, all the lights above the windshield, the roll bar and whatever is in the read…and our tire was on the back door…but did we LOVE that baby. We took it everywhere…forded creeks…went up unrelenting muddy hills in NC, and piled all the kids into the little fold-up seats in the back and onto the floor with coolers and swim suits for the creeks. Land Rover Rallys were the name of the weekend game for us and for our best friends across the street in their green one. And to think each time I drive home I pass its remains in our deceased friend’s barn haunting me. Then you posted what looks like the bulldog hood ornament we had on our old jeep – despised that vehicle. It was a heap of nothing. Kept the hood ornament when we sold it. And then finally, you cracked me up telling me all of my pictures are on a slant. Yep…they are…I have noticed that. Well,Bud’s response to that would be…”Yogi…Genie has never been plum…she has been a little bit off center her entire life. ” You made my day. I am lying here nursing my back and laughing out loud. Took photos of a British motorcycle rally…know you will love the paint jobs. They are to die for. Have a good week. genie

  2. joanna

    You have such great outings.
    I loved all the sedans you showed.
    My husband is so grateful that all I collect is cameras and pushbikes – not vintage cars 🙂
    I can remember driving those fifties’ cars. Already vintage at the time I hasten to add.

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