Beach Blogging 2016 – Pokemon Go Edition


We are still at the beach having a great time walking, running, sitting in the sun and reading, going out to eat and drink and all that good stuff.


This year we have something new, Pokemon Go. The whole family is playing it including Heather. It is kind of fun. I’m getting a hoot on facebook and the news how some are deriding a game that haven’t even played and others talking about the great health benefits. Yadda yadda yadda I say. What matters is if it is fun. Of course some things need to be addressed such as removing the little pokemons from private property and other inappropriate places, but the game is fun.


Here is one of the little critters just before I captured him. Don’t knock it before you try it folks. One thing that helps is having a youngster to explain things.


Meanwhile I’m also geocaching. I can do both in my mind. Apparently there are a bunch of pokemon on Turkey Mountain. I have foundĀ almostĀ all the full size regular caches up there and am looking forward to Pokemon Going. Make fun of me if you must. I’ll be feeling sorry for you.

Till next time folks

6 thoughts on “Beach Blogging 2016 – Pokemon Go Edition

  1. Sandy Carlson

    My nephew wanted to play this on Topsail, but my (rapidly aging, apparently) daughter wasn’t much into it. Both were intrepid little geocachers a few years ago.

    What could be better in this age of anger, insanity, inanity, and bitterness than a game that gets everyone off the couch and having fun?

    Geez. Maybe these kinds of activities can break this horrifying cycle of ugliness.

  2. Driller's Place

    The next thing we will see will be professional Pokemon tournaments. Just watch, it will happen…if it hasn’t already. Vacations are all about escape and enjoy…sound like you’re doing both.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    There were so many people downtown playing that first weekend it was pretty funny to watch (where we live here in Eugene). I was thinking about taking pictures of everybody walking around so intent on their cellphones out in front of them. I say anything that gets people outside and walking around is good … but I have my camera to do that — and besides I am old and can’t learn anything else new right now ;>)

  4. nancy chan

    Must be fun! I haven’t tried this yet. As long as you are happy and having fun, enjoy it. Just be safe and watch your steps with the cell phone in front of you. I move about with my cell phone taking photos and hubby and friends always caution me to watch my steps and look where I am going. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Amy

    oh yes we have the pokemon game here too, it’s a bit of a craze isn’t it? My 3 teenagers play it but the positive thing about it is it gets them out of the house walking around our town instead of being inside all the time.

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