Turkey Mountain Patterns and Textures


Wednesday night and a storm popped up headed for Turkey Mountain. Huh oh, there goes my run I thought but a check with Accuweather showed that it was going to be done quick. So I gather up my stuff and headed to the park.


As I got there the storm was trailing off. Yahoo is what I said. I wasn’t too worried about mud. Something about the mountain makes it shed off rain really quick.  I noticed a couple of younger people doing some pretty good tricks with their bikes. I don’t know about you but I couldn’t pop a wheelie on regular sized bike in a hundred years. They made it look effortless.


So off I went into the cool, wet, dripping woods. I loved the textures of everything and the sound of the dripping all around me.


Everything was glistening.




And there were colors! The fresh new growth of spring is showing the stress of our high heat plus the bugs and mildew our eating on them. It made for its own kind of beauty. The dirty little secret about Turkey Mountain is that there isn’t much color besides green. You have to hunt for other colors.


So I started tuning into the different patterns and colors the mountain was showing off.


You know, you just have to stop and sniff the weeds every now and then.

6 thoughts on “Turkey Mountain Patterns and Textures

  1. DeniseinVA

    Turkey mountain must be a great place to hike/run in every season. Great shots as always! I am back from my blogging break and looking forward to visiting again. We had a family bereavement which took me away from home for a while and returned recently..

  2. Hootin' Anni

    What a great walk!!! Not only freshened with rainfall, but it petered out before you got soaked to the skin.

    Loved the nature photos shared along your run.

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