Our World – Over the Hills and Through the Woods to Nana’s House I Go


Last Saturday it was hot!! We decided we would go swimming at my MIL’s Nana’s houe. I decided that I needed to walk there. She lives about six miles away and this was my third trip on foot over the years. The previous times I ran, this time I walked because it was hot, not that there is much difference in speed between my walking and running. I can say that, you can’t.


I passed out neighborhood information board. We have lived here sixteen years and I have never seen any information posted there. I have always wanted to hide a geocache up under the roof of the thing but I would have to get permission from our neighborhood council and I hate dealing with those people. Why, well we had one smart ass attorney resident say that we shouldn’t allow people to store chemicals in their garages. Oh, okay, what about the oil and gasoline in your car dummy? Another guy, a retired Army Corps of Engineers guy complaining about an often damaged fence across a creek said that we could fix it once and for all for $50,000. Oh okay, you giving us the money dude? Somebody else wanted to ban residents from renting their homes. Oh okay… Anyway trying to get permission would be impossible.


We have a nice little duck/swan pond in our neighborhood. I like it a lot.


Out on 81st street and going by Meadowbrook Country Club. Nice place.


On past our local Starbucks. I am addicted to their new Cold Brew iced coffee. Not today, too hot and too far to go.


On past Tulsa Community College. This is where son Logan will be going to college in a couple weeks. I said a prayer for the guy.


The Sheriff’s Department put up this spedometer right near the college. I have never registered on it. I have tried waiting for a car going by at a high rate of speed so I could claim that same speed. Hasn’t happened yet.


The trail gets really intricate and interesting. That is why I don’t mind walking or running to see Nana, the trail is almost four miles out of the six. Lots nicer than walking the streets.


A brand new medical building with a big welcome sign. I had to do some checking on it. It is a new building for an outfit that does colonoscopies. Probably dozens per day. I had one a few years ago but I couldn’t bring myself to write a blog post about it. Much too personal. But there were nice things also. I read the night before the procedure that beer was allowed so I had a couple of Fat Tires. The doctor laughed the next day. He said that was allowed but hardly anybody had ever admitted to it. Plus the heavy heated quilt the day of the procedure was very nice. And then the weird way your memory goes backward when you come to in the recovery room. All in all something I dreaded for no reason.


And then this lady running wierding my out. She passed my a couple times. Hmm. Should I have been concerned?


And then by the highway hill where runners have worn trails in the side to do hill repeats. Did I do a hill repeat?


Well, I went up once, but didn’t go up twice. So that is half of hill repeat right. Meanwhile the lady runner passed me again, not on the hill though.


And then under the Creek Turnpike.


Yep, I do PokemonGo and I captured a couple. I looked, and didn’t find a geocache also. Don’t get all Luddite on me on me for Pokemon Go.


And here is Nana’s house, about 6 and a quarter miles and over two hours later. I love the Angel that she keeps on her front porch, and the beer that she lets me keep in her beerator in her garage, and she has a great pool. Plus it is a treat to visit with her.

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8 thoughts on “Our World – Over the Hills and Through the Woods to Nana’s House I Go

  1. Christina

    Saturday was a great day for a walk! Best wishes to Logan as he begins college! There is a pokestop in my neighborhood, according to my son. 🙂

  2. Joyful

    That’s a long walk on a hot day but if 2/3 of it is through a trail that is nice and shaded too. I love the pond area you captured in photo. Very pretty there and I could enjoy sitting under the shade of the trees. I’m thinking about all this because we too are getting a hot spell. It is late this year and is expected to get much hotter before the week is out. I hope you enjoyed your swim. Good luck to your son. I’m sure he will enjoy college.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    i enjoyed that walk! But it didn’t register on my step counter for some reason. ( I’m having trouble getting my 10,000 steps a day in, even though it seems like i walk a lot. I think that’s about 5 miles.) Having the pool and the good company waiting (and the beer) waiting would be a great incentive.

  4. klara

    that was a fun walk. neighborhood council people seem to be of the same kind everywhere. it must be a disease that comes with a function. 🙂 . mmmmm, and a pool at the end.

  5. Amy

    it’s not hot at all here quite the opposite we’re at the end of winter but it’s been quite mild so far, last year at this time we were washing ice off our cars this year we haven’t had it. My two teens play pokemon go too 🙂

  6. Gaelyn

    Well I get the swimming idea on a hot day, but not walking six miles to do it. Looks like a nice walk though. Maybe you should carry a fanny-cooler for cold beer on the way. 😉

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