Skywatch Friday – Where are the Leaves?


Tulsa’s Lafortune Park

From the archives last January. I love how we can see the bones of the trees after the leaves all fall off. Fall and Winter are seasons of short days but great light and the opportunity to see familiar scenes differently. Here in Oklahoma it can get cold when a front blows through but generally there is a sunny warming period for a few days afterward where we get a short respite from Winter. It makes a big difference.

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14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Where are the Leaves?

  1. Sylvia

    Oh, Alan,, what an awesome capture!!! I’m SO glad my effort to get back to the “good” stuff worked and how I was/am rewarded!! This has been a difficult year that I hope is going to “move on” and soon!! I do miss all of you “blogging” guys!! Best holiday wishes to you and your family!!


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