Skywatch Friday – Back to the Future

Arkansas River Sunset-Edit.jpg

Another shot from the building I work to the west with a sunset and the Arkansas River. I am moving this week from the fifth floor at work to the sixteenth floor so I walk a few steps over to the west window to see the Arkansas River out to the west. I started out in engineering years ago and after years of hopping back and forth between the engineering, operations, and commercial roles I am back in an engineering role for the first time in a dozen years. And so I am back upstairs.

I’m also getting geared up. The safety regs require safety boots while out on location. So I now have some company paid composite toe boots (lighter and more insulating than the old steel toe boots that I tossed into the Goodwill box when I last left engineering) and I ordered some FR’s (Fire resistant clothing) for use while in our facilities. I work in the natural gas industry) My employer provides a generous allowance to buy such items. I’m okay with all things safety including wearing uncomfortable clothes. When I was in operations management way back when my worst nightmare was that one of my 55 guys got hurt. The second nightmare would be having to call their spouse, girlfriend, or parent and telling them the news. Luckily that never happened. Safety for employees and the  general public  has gotten more serious and effective since and that is a wonderful thing.

I will only be in the field occasionally. Guys and gals that work out there a lot wear hazardous gas monitors also. I visited a competitors plant a couple weeks ago and I was one of the few that didn’t have such a device. The plant manager said, okay Alan, if you see us run, I would suggest that you run also. I thought that was hilarious.

So, life and works goes on!! How are things with you.

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23 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Back to the Future

  1. jesh StG

    Oh, beautiful how the sunset is reflected in the river! Stunning!
    Sorry, haven’t come by for a while. Now I’m hosting ALL SEASONS every Sun-Wed and at the same time my weekly post, I am more pressed for time

  2. Peter B

    That’s a gorgeous sky from your new office! Interesting about all the safety gear, and it must be interesting (and challenging) to be back in a role that you left a dozen years ago!! Stay safe!

  3. klara

    lucky you with such a view! and frankly, with such sunsets (we don’t have lot of them, view or no view 🙂 ). good luck with new challenge.

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    I hope our so-called leader doesn’t do away with OSHA and safety regulations. I bet he and his cronies would like to.

    The sky is absolutely stunning and I also loved the meerkats over on the SWF linkup page. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Gaelyn

    I love your office view especially at sunset. Glad your company, and you most of the time, are safety conscious. You’re going to get a lot more stair exercise going up 11 more flights.

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