Spring Break Trip to Idaho


This Spring Break all three of us flew up to Idaho to visit Dad and see how he is doing. And we took a couple of selfies while we were there. Those are big broad smiles above for Dad and I.


Our trip started out very stressful. We had a late flight out of Tulsa and then a nice connection to Denver so it was like hop, step, jump. That went away with a call from United who said that our flight from Tulsa was going to be delayed an hour so we would miss our connection and they had routed us through Dallas and Salt Lake City via American and Delta instead but we would have to hustle to the airport to get that started. So talk about a mad rush that didn’t quit. We sped to the airport and got checked into American just tin time, then flew to Dallas and changed terminals and endured some hassling from the gate crew about our carry on luggage but who led us board when they figured out that because American and Delta have severed all intercompany ties that indeed they couldn’t check a bag through to our final destination. Then to Salt Lake City where we arrived we spanned the the longest length of the airport and then into Idaho, way past our bedtime.

I don’t know about you but I hate flying. I hate the airlines, all of them. The people who work for the airlines though in general try their best to make things work for their customers.


While in Idaho, we took Dad shopping.


Note the teenage angst before work starts.

And we (Heather)  rearranged Dad’s apartment.


Heather is a championship furniture re-aranger. Dad wanted to be able to see who is coming in the front door. So we’ll give this a try.


We had a little bit of fun.  We went for a walk on the Snake River trails.  About five minutes after I snapped the photo above, son while running sprained his ankle and banged up his knee. Oh well. It was a nice five minutes.


Our flight back was a lot more relaxing. We had a long layover in Denver but we had a leisurely dinner and enjoyed a lot of great people watching.

So that was our Spring Break. How was yours?

7 thoughts on “Spring Break Trip to Idaho

  1. Gaelyn

    What an ordeal but glad you had a good visit and made it home in, almost, one piece. Hope Logan’s ankle is healing.

    BTW, did you ever get the cup you won?

  2. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Oh yeah you and your dad do have the same smile! I’m sorta happy for Logan that he got his mom’s though ;>) Yes, on flying … we agree. But you get there a lot faster even with the hassles and changes like you have. Glad you got to visit with Dad/Grandpa

  3. nancy chan

    I too hate flying because of all the stress. I hope your son’s ankle and knee have a speedy recovery. That was a nice trip to visit your dad and help him rearrange his apartment. Have a good day!

  4. Gattina

    What an adventure ! Under these circumstances I wouldn’t like to fly neither. Flying doesn’t disturb me but the long check ins, that’s awful especially since the terrorist fear ! When I checked in in Egypt I had to take off my shoes 5 times. So on the return flight I went barefood with my shoes in my hand !

  5. Driller's Place

    This week is spring break week in Arkansas. Our college grand daughter will be coming to visit in a couple of days. Oh, and our new family member is adjusting very well.

  6. Ellen

    I wish we would have thought of arranging his room like that sooner since he never knew who was coming in. Good job you guys!

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