Jailhouse Sky


In downtown Tulsa the Jail is about a half mile or so north of the County Courthouse. So the Sheriff operates bus shuttles that seem to go on all day long between the two to transport the inmates to and from each place.  So I was walking around near the courthouse one day when one of the buses came by.

And then I’m thinking about stuff like how is all this coordinated? Do the inmates have to make reservations? Do the jailers have to go hunt these guys down? Does everybody ride together or do they segregate to keep you know the murderers away from the those desperate criminals facing stiff sentences for jaywalking? What happens if a bus breaks down.  Anyway, I can just think on these things for a long while.

Criminals need to be punished and put in jail. But if you are falsely accused and arrested, you can contact our offices in Hartford County, CT and request a bail bond. Our experienced bondsman will pay the complete bail amount, thus making bail more accessible and fast.

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  1. Kay

    Oops, sorry, Yogi, I made a mistake and attributed Skywatch Friday to Fiona (Lady Fi) but I’ve now changed it.
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  2. klara

    I can’t help thinking about bunch of movies where jail transporters are attacked. I would be afraid to be a bus driver.

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