Outdoor Wednesday – The Flowers are Blooming at Woodward Park


I took my “good camera” to work Tuesday just do I could check out Tulsa’s Woodward Park at lunch. The tulips and azaleas and other plants are blooming right now and the old park was putting on a show.


There were hardly any people there and I had the place pretty much to myself. I ended up taking 72 photos. Makes me glad for digital photography. I love film and have several film cameras but it is an expensive habit to get into.


It is such a beautiful time of year.


Even the hula hoopers were out.

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7 thoughts on “Outdoor Wednesday – The Flowers are Blooming at Woodward Park

  1. Driller's Place

    Great set of images Yogi. Woodward Park has always been a special place, regardless of the season, but it is truly special when dressed for spring. Have a blessed day.

  2. JM Illinois

    Spring has arrived where you live. Here in Illinois we are wondering if Spring will ever come. It has been one dreary day after another. We even had snow in March! But your site brought positive feelings Spring will come after all.

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