Life’s a Beach – In the Air, on the Ground, and in the Water


Heather and Logan went on their parasailing adventure the other day. I didn’t go, the pics were taken by a boat hand.





And then way up there!


Before coming down for a little shark dip, and then the credit card went though and they went up again.


While they were up there, I went to the beautiful Gulf State Park’s Backwoods Trail.


And found some geocaches. No snakes, no bug bites (thanks DEET), but a few thorn scratches.


Heather and I have taken several long beach walks along the Gulf underneath everchanging skies.


And I have been crushing beers in the surf. That is what us guys do, we crush our beers. We have found some decent beer here finally. Alabama is a bigger beer wasteland than Oklahoma.


And I found me a friend at the fishing pier at Gulf Shores. I’m not much of birdwatcher except for the big ones like this Brown Pelican.

Today, we are going on a Segway nature tour of the Gulf State Park. I’ll give you a report later.

7 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach – In the Air, on the Ground, and in the Water

  1. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Lovin’ the vacation so far — something for everybody, that’s how they’re supposed to be. Fun memories for us — we spent one whole winter near Mobile and know Orange Beach well. One regret: we didn’t get to go to Flori-Bama bar, because it was wrecked by a hurricane the summer before we got there. I forget which one, the big one before Katrina. Pensicola was all blue roofs and there had been a lot of damage around where we were too, but our RV Park was all fixed up and just fine. Anyway. We had fun.

    Happy Belated to your grown-up son and keep on having a good time .

  2. Ellen

    It’s a shame we didn’t get the thrill gene, but I’m glad Logan inherited it from his mom. Love the pelican shot!

  3. nancy chan

    I have never tried parasailing but it sure looks like a lot of fun up there. Beautiful beach. I would enjoy watching the big brown pelican. Have a beautiful day!

  4. DeniseinVA

    Great vacation shots. The parasailing looks like a lot of fun though I have no head for heights, only wish. I would be there enjoying a drink with one of those little umbrellas sticking out of the glass on the beach.

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