Skywatch Friday – New Weather Station KOKTULSA141


I got a new weather station to replace my old one which finally succumbed to our Oklahoma weather after years of service. The old one was like a mini space station with solar cells for recharging batteries and all sorts of other things. My new one is pretty much self contained and uses rechargeable lithium batteries. The old one just transmitted to a panel in the house. The new one has no panel. It transmits directly to a hub that ties directly into our wifi router and is thus full time on the web. I have it on the Weather Underground here. Below is a screenshot of the output. And I have a widget off to the right.

Gadgets are great but gadgets that are interconnected are just nirvana in my book. My running watch that synchs my phone and Al Gore’s interwebs while I run is another version of nirvana. What did we do before internet synched GPS watches? Of course when things don’t link and synch and I am up to my elbows in MAC and IOP addresses it gets a little frustrating. Nothing that a few beers and some judicious cussing and and google searching and good old fashioned guessing at the settings couldn’t fix.

How about you? Are you all linked and synched or off the grid. You are not too far off the grid if you are reading this.

Skywatch Friday

20 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – New Weather Station KOKTULSA141

  1. Gaelyn

    Without my expensive booster I’d have nothing running online. Visitors struggle constantly with their tech gear not working. What ever happened to an old fashioned thermometer?

  2. Pat

    Nice new weather station, Yogi! I know it gets use in OK. We alwasy see weather alerts on TV for the eastern plains and OK and NB.

    I watched the movie ” Hidden Figures” last night and I could not get over how NASA sent men up in space before there was such a things a machine computers! The women were phenomenal–what an inspiration. They were the grid before the grid!

  3. Alana

    My husband is the weather geek, and he doesn’t even know how to text, or use email. Don’t think he will connect to anything (except his bank account – he does online banking; go figure) even if it is weather related.

  4. Sallie

    I’d certainly have one of those (or rather, Bill would) if we lived in the part of the country you do. As it is, we just watch Weather Underground during hurricane season so we know if we’ll stiihave a house in Florida when we’re ready to go back. Here in Oregon in the summer, we could just use a rock on a string (…. if it’s wet it’s raining etc…..). Thank you so much for hosting SWF.

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