Shadow Shot Sunday – Random Shadows


Here is son Logan on our way to ONEOK Field to watch baseball. Notice the book in his hand. Smart kid doesn’t care a flip about baseball but he is a good sport especially since we eat barbecue beforehand he gets ice cream during.


At work they built a new picnic area out in front of the building with a ramada over it. The shadows are supposed to be in the shape of a natural gas flame.  Yeah, well maybe is what I say but my employer keeps the tables cleaned off and it is a nice place in good weather to eat lunch. No smoking, which makes it even better.


More shadows here on a fence along a local trail.

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10 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Random Shadows

  1. Hootin' Anni

    Unique idea for the casting of the shadows in the picnic area. Who thought of it? Do you know?
    And as for your son and his book? ====Bud would do the same. lol I LOVE baseball.

  2. nancy chan

    Nowadays, it is sad that not many youth appreciate books. They are more interested in smartphone and other e-gadgets. I like the picnic area. Have a beautiful day!

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