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Calling the Hogs

Friday, my wife and I were in a parking lot and came across this bright spot. I was like, What!!

Somebody had an Arkansas Razorbacks plate and it reflected perfectly on the ground. I love it.

I’m helping take care of a monarch way station on Turkey mountain. The stake fence makes for some nice shadows.

I get bored while watering so I made a time lapse video of it.

And the other day while hiking on Turkey Mountain I came across a family of deer grazing including this one coming out of the shadows. I am glad the deer are returning. The mountain has become really popular but the hub bub has died down a little bit and the deer are coming back.

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Shadowy Beach Sightings


From our recent vacation. Shadows from a fence protecting the dunes.


And Heather and I during one of our walks. We walked on the beach barefoot twenty five miles total. I kind of miss it. I love how skinny I am in this photo, and tall!!

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Shadow Shot Sunday

Shadowy Purple Coneflowers

I love faded out purple coneflowers. My wife doesn’t deadhead them any longer just for me.

Double Exposure - Car and Back Yard

And a double exposure of a bright red car and my back yard. Lots of shadows, here, there, and everywhere.

Our overgrown backyard. I like the wild look. Too hot to mow right now.

During our recent mini-trip to the Branson, MO area we tried to eat outside as much as possible since it is ground zero for the delta variant. We found this nice place.

We spent a lot of time at our cabin reading and talking on the deck. Lots of shadows there.

And some more cabin shadows.

And yet a few more!! It’s a cabin shadow extravaganza!! I took my drone but the electronic fence for it say no can do!! Restricted flight rules, I guess because we were close to a Corps of Engineers Lake.

And a shot at home when we got back. Apologies if I’ve already posted this. I have over 80,000 photos in my archives. I can hardly remember what I did yesterday let alone what photos I’ve posted and which Ihaven’t. Double apologies for being so crusty.

That’s all the shadows I got this week. I’m linking with the Magical Mystery Teacher’s Shadow Shot Sunday 2. Go check it out.

Oklahoma Shadows -Oil Wells and Red Brick Edition

Here is an abandoned oil well breaking out of the shadows on Turkey Mountain. The mountain was a pretty good sized oil field until the early 70’s when it played out. There are several wellheads that you can see along with miscellaneous cables, small pipelines, and equipment foundations. It’s considered to be part of the cultural heritage of the preserve.

Here is a shadow within a shadow on a trail on Turkey Mountain.

And here is a whole wall of shadows on a brick fence in Okmulgee. Oklahoma has a ton of red clay and from that there are red bricked building and structures everywhere!

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Small Town Downtown Shadows

Found a sculpture with its own bench in downtown Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The name of piece is “Infinity.”

Power pole shadows cast in a back alley in Broken Arrow.

And some planters cast a shadow in the morning.

I scared a baby cottontail in our back yard. It’s hiding in the shadows of a flower bed.

Visited some family in western Oklahoma. Went out into their yard in the morning and got this shadows of the fence.

And this morning back in our yard. The first rays of the sun hitting one of our plants.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Purple Coneflowers and More

Purple Coneflowers

One of the many things I’ve learned from my fellow bloggers is to appreciate blooms and flowers through their whole lifecycle. Like these purple coneflowers that are supposedly past their prime. They are still beautiful to me.

Ranch Waters

The oil and gas guys and gals that I follow on twitter talk about their favorite cocktail, Ranch Water. We saw a recipe in the paper yesterday and decided to try it out. Silver tequila, lime juice, and sparkling mineral water and rim the glass with Tajin. It’s a really good drink but take my advice, one is plenty for the day!

Ranch Water Recipe

We found some Topo Chico water and the Tajin. You rim the glass with Tajin and it really gave the drink This may be the first recipe that I have shared in a gazillion posts. Am I turning into a mommy blogger?

Dishwasher Repair

I did my handyman thing yesterday. Turned on the dishwasher and a short time later noticed a small amount of water on the floor and an E-15 error code on the panel. YouTube to the rescue! The door hadn’t closed all the way so the dishwasher leaked out the top, some of it got on the floor the rest went back into the dishwasher but underneath. Cool thing is that the manufacturer has a pan down there and if water collects it raises a float and flips a switch and turns the dishwasher off. Pretty clever I think, saves from making a big mess. So figured it all out. I’ll be strutting around the house for a month now. I would strut anyway but now I have a reason to do so. At least in my own mind.

Joe's Farm Sign

Joe’s Farm in the Tulsa suburb of Bixby. All sorts of organic produce. Joe’s good at marketing. He was a chef in New York City at several restaurants so he quit that and now raises vegetables. He works his store. Circulating with the customers and providing ideas on how to cook the more exotic items.

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Weekend Shadows – Hot on the Trails


It’s hot here in Oklahoma. I am still running and hiking but I live for the shady routes like above on Turkey Mountain. It’s all shade there but you have to watch out for ticks, chiggers, and snakes. Deet works wonderfully for the bugs, snakes, just keep an eye out if you can. My biggest problem is tripping on the rocks and roots.

My other route is Lafortune Park. No bugs, snakes, rocks, or roots there but a lot less shade except in certain areas.

It borders a golf course which makes it kind of scenic.

This is my favorite post workout drink (after I down about a liter of water.)

My advice for running or hiking in the heat is to take it easy and take lots of water.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Hot Daze of Summer

It’s hot in Tulsa these days. I still get outside though but not for as long as usual nor for anything intense. The above photo is from an App “Nomo” that has a bunch of different analog cameras modeled on it. I used one that made long skinny photos. You’ll have to click on the photo to see the full effect. I know, I could of straightened out but I didn’t want to for artistic reasons which is what us hackers say when we are too lazy.

Window and Blinds

I used it inside as well. I think it might be just the thing for long skinny windows.

Softball Field

I took a walk around Tulsa’s Lafortune Park the other day during the heat of the day. Don’t worry it’s only three miles and I took water. I decided to use the Hipstamatic App. It’s my favorite app but not everybody likes it. In fact my hipstamatic photos are my lowest performing photos on Instagram. So I kind of do them for me. I love the look of them. I have the settings for the “film” and the “lens” set on randomize so I never know what I am going to get.


Here’s a nice bench at Lafortune, out of the shade!!!


I call this “socially distanced shade.” The light leak is one of the effects of Hispatamatic app. I thought it kind of added to the overall sense of heat.

Eye in the Sky

The Sheriff’s Department had this set up at the park. It looks slightly ominous.

Mother Goose and Friends

And I found Mother Goose, Peter Rabbit, and I think Alice at the Park tucked behind the public library.

Kirklands Table and Chairs

Out of the park and at Kirklands. With the A/C on and my app still running. I loved how compact and full of geometry this table and chair set is. You could have a real up close and personal meal with somebody.

Gilcrease Sun Dial
Sundial at the Gilcrease

And then at Gilcrease Museum here in Tulsa. They had a small but powerful exhibit called “Enslavement to Emancipation: Toward a More Perfect Union.” It consisted of just three pieces of paper. The first one was a letter written in 1520 from Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, to King Charles V, of Spain asking for permission to take people from Africa and use them as slaves in the New World. The second was a certified signed copy of the Declaration of Independence for the United States. That was an amazing thing to see with Thomas Jefferson’s signature on paper that was very fragile. Third was a certified copy of the Emancipation Proclamation. The Gilcrease is amazing like that. They have a huge number of documents in their collection. Click the link for photos and more information.

So that’s it for my shadows, and bonus information.

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