Camera Critters – Hawk


We had a visitor to our backyard land on son’s trampoline. It was checking out the action at the bird feeder. The birds were all gone. There was the only critter at the feeder. He didn’t move a muscle.


I don’t think he was fooling anybody though. The hawk took off and did a fly by on the squirrel and left. My fully automatic camera helpfully focussed on the branches.


I’m not at all a bird guy but I think that it may be a Sharp Shinned Hawk. It was very small and has a square tail. Don’t be afraid to offer a correction. I’m still trying to learn these critters. Wife Sweetie tells me that the squirrel is a fox squirrel. We have lots of them visit the feeder.

Camera Critters

16 thoughts on “Camera Critters – Hawk

  1. Sylvia K

    Love the hawk and the squirrel is such a cutie! The can be a pain in the whatever sometimes, but I still think they’re cute! Fun shots for the day! Enjoy!!


  2. Dawn

    Great pictures. We never have anything cool in our yard. We just get nasty birds that want to nest in my dryer vents. Blech. I seriously despise most birds.

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. DrillerAA09

    That is one lucky squirrel. Either the hawk wasn’t really hungry or just wasn’t interested in picking a fight.
    When the hawks are in our neighborhood, the bird feeder becomes vacant and there is not a squirrel to be seen. They know better.

  4. Ellen

    I love the picture of the hawk. We have a falcon that roosts in a tree out there. I need to get a picture of him with my new camera.

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