Skywatch Friday – Recovery Walk


On Sunday, son Logan and I went for a walk on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain. I had run a race the day before so I just wanted so get out and stretch my legs a little bit. Something called a “recovery walk” or a “recovery run” except I was not running.


Turkey Mountain has a few double track miles of trails but most of it is single track. Once we got a quarter mile away from the parking lot, we had the place to ourselves.


The air was just barely warm, and dry, and the skies were deep blue.


The just barely changed leaves were almost fluorescent with the sun shining through them.


The grasses are just now turning color.

Here is a track of our journey. We stayed on the “Snake Trail” not because of snakes but because the trail folds back on itself.

I’m running a 25K race this coming weekend on Turkey Mountain, the TurkeynTaturs 25K. We’ll be running the Snake Trail and just about all the other trails on Turkey Mountain as well. I’lve pretty much run them all. I plan on taking my time and trotting the non-rocky flats and downhill segments and walking through the rocks and uphills.

This is a cumulative “heat map” showing all the trails I had run as of several months ago. As you can see I run a lot on Turkey Mountain. I love it and the race Saturday will be a tour of all of it.

Wish me luck!! It will be the longest race that I have run since 1997 when I ran the Madison Marathon in Wisconsin.

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16 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Recovery Walk

  1. Alana

    The October sun angle is beautiful; on certain days I find it almost like an all day golden hour. Enjoyed your urban wilderness photos.

  2. DeniseinVA

    A lovely walk, lovely to build these lovely memories on a father/son walk. Very special! Photos were great, narrative always nice to read and I enjoyed the maps. All the best for your race this weekend.

  3. Cathy Kennedy


    I prefer walking to running any day. Turkey Mountain looks like a lovely spot to do a recovery walk. I know whenever I exercise really hard I know I need to keep going to work out the stiffness or else everything tightens so much I can’t move. It looks like this was a purrfect day for a walk, too. All the best to you in your upcoming race! Have a good week. 🙂

  4. indah nuria Savitri

    All the very best, Alan. You surely run a lot and I bet you’ll nail it! I just join 5K and I was terrible hehehe. But I enjoy running and jogging with friends. it’s not only about the timing but the fun and joy of it! thats why we joined the 5 K and volunteered for NYC Marathon yesterday. Cheers from NYC.

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