Skywatch Friday – Another Arkansas River Sunset

Arkansas River Sunset 2-2

I am such a lazy skywatcher. Every work day this time of year at about 5:15 I get from my cubicle with my iphone and walk down to the west end of the building and check out the sunset. Sometimes if it is too cloudy or no clouds there is not much to see. I shoot through the glass and I have found a spot behind a pillar next to the window where I shoot through the glass at an angle, and that cuts the back reflection back tremendously. It is still there but you have to look hard to find it.


This is a bull from the ranch in western Oklahoma. The photo was taken by my wife’s cousin’s wife who sent it to me and I edited it a little bit. I love the scenery and people of Western Oklahoma. You can tell this bull has a little attitude. Life as a bull is a balance. You need to get the job done with the heifers and a little attitude is tolerated. Too much and off you go, never to be seen again except maybe at your local butcher shop.


A little closer to home is a family walk on Turkey Mountain the day after Thanksgiving. We had a nice Thanksgiving and we all (including my brother not pictured) went a little walk. I am pretty gimpy right now and I got real gimpy during the walk. I bit off a little more than I should have with my running. In the course of a month I ran three fairly long distance races, a 15K road race, a 25K trail race, and a half marathon on the road. So my knee is kind of sore. So I am working to strengthen my quads, and loosen my hamstrings, and try to maintain some sort of fitness with non running exercises all while loading up on ibuprofen, and icing my knee when I can. So far my it is getting better. I don’t think I will be running until January.

Anyways, thanks for visiting. Check out the fun folks at Skywatch Friday

19 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Another Arkansas River Sunset

  1. Pat

    The lower autumn sun has been giving the west some spectacular sunsets recently–love your photo!

    Ranches are always fascinating to me. Sadly many are disappearing from Colorado as land is being sold off to development.

    I hope your knee heals quickly. I know when we hiked 1, 000 feet vertically up to Hanging Lake it took me knees over two weeks to recover. As much as we exercise they are still older knees that need extra care.

  2. Susie of Arabia

    Most of my shots are taken from a speeding vehicle with the windows rolled up because of the heat, so I understand about the reflection problems. Looks like you’ve pretty much solved that problem. Love the shot of the bull. Hope you are doing well. Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Eileen

    Hello, lovely capture of the sunset. I love the shot of the cow, very cute. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Could you move your desk to that window? Then you wouldn’t even have to walk down the hall (but of course it might be hard to get any work done with the view all day)!! It’s a beautiful sky and I’m seriously glad you are able to take a few minutes to catch it every afternoon — and seriously glad that you share the best of those skies with us!

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