Shadow Shot Sunday – Winter Sunlight


Winter of course is here and when the sky clears off the sun comes in really bright and the shadows are very sharp. Above is a shadowy phone booth at Tulsa’s Utica Square. I don’t think there is actually a phone in it. I guess you could take your cell phone in there and talk if wished.  I do know that if you are professional photographer doing a shoot and you pose somebody in there, Utica Square security will magically appear and courteously but firmly tell you to leave.  It happened to an acquaintance of mine.


Tulsa has lots of construction going on downtown. Lots and lots of new hotels going in. I don’t know who is going to stay in them. Anyways, here are a couple of trackhoes. Komatsu instead of Caterpillar. Everybody knows that Caterpillar makes the best construction equipment. Next time you are in a hotel and are not happy with it and don’t know why. I bet you that it is because they used offbrands like Komatsu instead of a premium brand like Caterpillar. I always ask about that when I make a hotel reservation. It only costs a little more to go first class.


The weather broke here and we had a couple of non freezing days so I did a little lunchtime geocaching. I ended up on this long straight trail, with a few shadows.

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7 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday – Winter Sunlight

  1. Driller's Place

    That phone booth has been at Utica Square for a very long time. There are a lot of locations that are off limits to professional photographers and their clients. I know that the Tulsa Rose Garden requires photographers to make appointments and pay a fee to shoot on their grounds.
    Yep, it the heavy equipment didn’t come from Cat or John Deere, I won’t stay at that hotel. I think most Oklahoma highways were built with plastic Tonka equipment.

  2. Jackie

    That seems silly, if the booth is there! There are buildings on the University of Toronto campus that I have seen security stop people taking wedding photos.

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