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Shadow Shot Sunday – Winter Sunlight


Winter of course is here and when the sky clears off the sun comes in really bright and the shadows are very sharp. Above is a shadowy phone booth at Tulsa’s Utica Square. I don’t think there is actually a phone in it. I guess you could take your cell phone in there and talk if wished.  I do know that if you are professional photographer doing a shoot and you pose somebody in there, Utica Square security will magically appear and courteously but firmly tell you to leave.  It happened to an acquaintance of mine.


Tulsa has lots of construction going on downtown. Lots and lots of new hotels going in. I don’t know who is going to stay in them. Anyways, here are a couple of trackhoes. Komatsu instead of Caterpillar. Everybody knows that Caterpillar makes the best construction equipment. Next time you are in a hotel and are not happy with it and don’t know why. I bet you that it is because they used offbrands like Komatsu instead of a premium brand like Caterpillar. I always ask about that when I make a hotel reservation. It only costs a little more to go first class.


The weather broke here and we had a couple of non freezing days so I did a little lunchtime geocaching. I ended up on this long straight trail, with a few shadows.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Shadows in the Heat

It has been hot here in Tulsa lately. Hot and steamy, just like a good movie (sorry couldn’t resisist). So I’ve been seeking out the shadows.


Friday was my day off so I went running in the early morning. I captured a leafy shadow selfie.


I like to walk a little bit downtown at lunch. I found myself this short, twisty turny path, with a bench. For some reason I never see any homeless people sitting in it. Everybody talks about how the economy is improving but it seems to me that the homeless population is exploding. Lots of businesses have taken out benches because so many homeless people sit on them all day. Of course with less benches, the people are now just squatting down on sidewalks. They are not threatening people and I feel for them.


I love these purple flowers in the shade downtown.


This is a repaired section of fence in our back yard. The two posts shown got rotted out. You can see their previous remains in the lower right hand corner. Years ago I used to help put posts in for my Dad on our acreage in Eagar, Arizona and then several years later, as summer help, in the oilfields of Texas’ Permian Basin I put in lots of posts for my employer. Fast forward forty years later when my neighbor and I were discussing this and I was thinking I’m going to have to do this. He said, “You know Alan, I am not much into manual labor any more.” Music to my ears. I found a contractor to do it and you know something it three of them two hours to dig the two posts out. It cost a pretty but it was hard work. I contributed to the effort you know. Yes I did, I took photos and passed out bottles of ice cold water. Nearly wore me out.

This is from my new personal weather station in my back yard. You can see, temperatures close to 100 every day an hardly any wind.

How about you? How are you beating the heat? Those of you in the southern hemisphere tell me how you are staying warm.

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Courthouse Shadows


Friday mid-afternoon I took a break from work by walking down past the courthouse. We are having a slow transition from Fall to Winter here in Tulsa and as part of that the sun keeps getting lower and lower which makes for more interesting shadows like these as I went walking by the Tulsa County Courthouse. I love those big trees but I know that theoretically they shouldn’t even by alive so at some point they are going to be cut down and replaced with something smaller. Until then, I’ll enjoy them.

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Shadow Shot Sunday – Ramada Shadows

Linnaeus Garden Shadows

Well,I’ve been absent a couple days from bloggerville. you see it has been my birthday and so I’ve been spending time with the family letting them spoil me. Today we went to Tulsa’s Linnaeus teaching gardens at Woodward Park. I saw a lot of great sights and I loved this yellowish plant and the shadowplay on the ramada above.

ShadowShot Sunday 2

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Shadow Shot Sunday -Trio

I’m showing three shadow shots today.


First is late afternoon by my MIL swimming pool. Sitting out by the pool this time of year is lots of fun.


Second is early morning in Payson, Arizona. Arizona doesn’t put up with foolishness like illegal immigration nor daylight savings time so this was like 6 am which is still pretty dark in Oklahoma.


This last is a self portrait from back in February.

Shadowshot Sunday2