Skywatch Friday – Bike Riding Skies


You can tell that in Oklahoma we are strict. Walkers and runners over there, bicyclists over here. I feel jealous of roller skaters, and skate boarders. I guess they can go where they want.

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and we have daylight savings time. I love daylight savings time.  With the warmer weather it is time to ride my bike. I am not running any longer, I don’t know if I am ever going to run, and walking is great, but walking is so slowwww. Riding is a lot faster than running.


That is the Creek Nation River Spirit Casino over on the left. The relationship with the tribe and the rest of the state is complicated in Oklahoma. I kind of like complicated. I had a guy ring the doorbell today to try and sell window replacements to us. He was a good guy and not giving me the hard sell. I asked his name (I forget what he said but it was both unfamiliar and nice sounding to me.) He laughed and said that he is Cherokee and the name means “first born” in that language.

Heather and I went on a bike ride a couple week ago on the Arkansas River. We started north an d basically flew north. We were sailing, biking was easy.  It was great. We went north to the turnaround and headed south, into a strong wind. It was a long slow miserable painful seven mile slog back to the car. Springtime and Oklahoma winds are not always great.


Heather and Logan were busy doing something the other day and so I went on a bike ride on the Arkansas River. The forecast and the skies were both threatening so I didn’t go far.


Today I took a half day off and came home and got our taxes organized to to take to the accountant this week. That always makes me anxious. I ran into some questions about my late Father’s estate and his tax return. I talked to my sister, I talked to the accountant, and I talked to my sister again and it is all good. Of course I am sure she appreciated me calling her about tax questions on her birthday. But I got it all figured out. And then it was like, I got it all figured out, the kid is still at work, Heather is at work. I am going for a short bike ride, so off I went for a quick ten miles. Above is a not bad turnaround point.

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18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Bike Riding Skies

  1. Driller's Place

    I have given consideration to a bike. There are a lot of bike trails here in NW Arkansas. Right now, I am ok with the stationary recumbent bike and my imagination.

  2. Eileen

    Hello, the first photo is stunning. I love the dramatic sky and scenery! Thanks for hosting.
    Have a happy day and weekend ahead.

  3. Sallie (FullTime-Life)

    Thanks for the interesting skies*, for hosting, and for the smiles . I’m picturing Oklahoma skateboarders zooming right down the middle of the street because nothing to say they couldn’t! And that windy bike ride? That’s the trouble I used to have when we rode bikes — one way seemed like nothing, coming back (even without the added problem of the wind) always seemed at least twice as far.

    (*I’m getting a bit bored with nothing but blue to post on Thursday. )

  4. Peter B

    I like your big, open Oklahoma skies! I had my taxes done this week too. No idea what the end result will be, but pretty sure I owe 🙁

  5. Stan

    Ominous and dramatic sky on the top. I remember driving through Oklahoma in Aug. 1980 [returning to Rochester, NY from Salt Lake City]. The skies were a bit dark, and the radio news was of tornado watches or warnings in such and such counties…well, we had no idea in which county we were located or heading to….scary time!!!!

  6. Joyful

    Well thank goodness the tax issue got sorted out. That’s one less thing to worry about. The photos are wonderful. I like the dramatic skies.

  7. Alana

    What a beautiful sky. I wish that cell phone cameras had existed back when I lived in Wichita, Kansas. What pictures I might have taken. You get such a wonderful view with the flatness and, those spring storms – well, I don’t miss those.

  8. Angie

    Bike riding is a great alternative if the body can’t hack running any more. I laughed about the wind – we’ve had that happen to us before – a little bit of a blow to the confidence!

    Taxes tends to make all of us anxious – national past-time! Glad you got it sorted out!

  9. Gaelyn

    Not sure I’d be walking, biking or skating under those dark and menacing looking skies. But I do like keeping wheels and feet separate. I am impressed by your tenacity.

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