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Skywatch Friday – Before the Storm

We had a big wind storm here in Tulsa a week and a half ago. Over 200,000 homes lost power. (We were lucky, we never lost power.) So my SWF post last week was mainly about the storm. Now, almost everybody has had power restored. It’s amazing how fast other power companies send crews to storm ravaged areas to restore service quickly. How do they do that? They do it a lot and are good at it and I am grateful.

So these are photos that I have been saving.

A view down a neighborhood street at sunset.

Time spent at a music event sponsored by a local park.

A stop on the Arkansas River.

What’s known as Pepsi Lake on Turkey Mountain.

The refinery on the river experiencing an process upset. Generally you can’t even see the flare. When I was still working downtown and I saw this I would call a friend of mine who’s husband was a manager at the refinery and I’d say, “Call Don, something’s wrong, don’t want him to get fired.” She’d laugh as with things like this all sorts of alarms go off and Don would know all about it.


Construction still going on for the new pedestrian bridge and dam across the Arkansas River at the Gathering Place.

I always fly the flag on holidays and Flag Day is a holiday.

My bike at a rest stop on the river.

Hey, that small mound across the river is Turkey Mountain. I appreciate everybody not calling our mountain a hill. We love our little hill.

The end, nice a refreshing spot on the river. I call it the Bear Fountain. Its actual name is kind of complicated and includes the name of the company who paid for it. I salute them but I’m still calling it the Bear Fountain. They used to have “do not climb the fountain” signs on the sculpture and people were all over it including me and my son. They took the signs away and so people stay off it. We are a funny species is what I think.

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Skywatch Friday – Bike Riding Skies


You can tell that in Oklahoma we are strict. Walkers and runners over there, bicyclists over here. I feel jealous of roller skaters, and skate boarders. I guess they can go where they want.

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and we have daylight savings time. I love daylight savings time.  With the warmer weather it is time to ride my bike. I am not running any longer, I don’t know if I am ever going to run, and walking is great, but walking is so slowwww. Riding is a lot faster than running.


That is the Creek Nation River Spirit Casino over on the left. The relationship with the tribe and the rest of the state is complicated in Oklahoma. I kind of like complicated. I had a guy ring the doorbell today to try and sell window replacements to us. He was a good guy and not giving me the hard sell. I asked his name (I forget what he said but it was both unfamiliar and nice sounding to me.) He laughed and said that he is Cherokee and the name means “first born” in that language.

Heather and I went on a bike ride a couple week ago on the Arkansas River. We started north an d basically flew north. We were sailing, biking was easy.  It was great. We went north to the turnaround and headed south, into a strong wind. It was a long slow miserable painful seven mile slog back to the car. Springtime and Oklahoma winds are not always great.


Heather and Logan were busy doing something the other day and so I went on a bike ride on the Arkansas River. The forecast and the skies were both threatening so I didn’t go far.


Today I took a half day off and came home and got our taxes organized to to take to the accountant this week. That always makes me anxious. I ran into some questions about my late Father’s estate and his tax return. I talked to my sister, I talked to the accountant, and I talked to my sister again and it is all good. Of course I am sure she appreciated me calling her about tax questions on her birthday. But I got it all figured out. And then it was like, I got it all figured out, the kid is still at work, Heather is at work. I am going for a short bike ride, so off I went for a quick ten miles. Above is a not bad turnaround point.

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