Skywatch Friday – Tulsa Botanic Gardens


A blue sky with fluffy clouds over the children’s garden. I think that is the scariest feature I’ve even seen in a children’s garden. It looks like it eats children!!

We are having some typical Oklahoma Spring Weather this year. Freezing one minute, roasting the next, bone dry, and then soaking. After a few nice days it has turned cold. I did get a chance to get to the Tulsa Botanic Garden during some sunny yet windy weather. It was so windy it was making the tulips bob one way and me and my camera the other way.


From the sky to the ground. There were thousands of tulips blooming. It almost made for retina burn there were so many.


And so many colors. With the bright sun it made the petals translucent. I love that look.

How about you,? Do you have anything blooming where you live?

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18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – Tulsa Botanic Gardens

  1. Gaelyn

    I be wishing for retina burn. Not much blooming here yet, warm temps but no rain. Gorgeous tulips not easy to capture in the wind.

  2. Driller's Place

    Fortunately, most little ones are oblivious to such weird garden ornaments. Their imagination is captured by the bridge and the colors of the flowers. Nice set of images Yogi.

  3. Kay L. Davies

    Oh, I agree — I thought it was scary before I clicked on it, and found out it’s for children! Perhaps today’s children are brave enough to confront such a critter without hollering, but not this old lady! But the sky is beautiful, the bridge is delightful, and the tulips are wonderful to behold.
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  4. nancy chan

    Lovely blue sky and white clouds over the children’s garden. You are so blessed to have all the tulips blooming around you! Our weather is not suitable for tulips!

  5. Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

    Beautiful sky!
    Wonderful, lovely flower photos!
    We are having very variable weather here in MS, too. Near 80F one day, we moved the potted plants out to the porch. A few days later nighttime temps dropped to near freezing, the plants are back in the house again!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Stan

    Well, we have crocuses and snow drops blooming, but that’s it. I like the fact that the tulips of different colors are all mixed together. That’s much more interesting than monochromatic sections, such as the tulip fields in Holland.

  7. Photo Cache

    California is California. It seems something is blooming all year long, although we are having a big storm right now and all through the weekend. Hope you have a great weather for the weekend.

  8. Susie of Arabia

    Wow, Yogi – those tulips are just lovely, despite the trouble you had photographing them. I sure couldn’t tell! And I absolutely love that fun feature in the children’s garden! What fun!

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