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Skywatch Friday – Snow and More

We are in the middle of a cold front here in northeast Oklahoma. We got some sleet and snow with it and some cold temperatures. Not a fan of cold weather, snow, or any of that other low temperature foolishness.

The low temps are here to stay for a few days so we are not going to get much melting. Our fellow bloggers in Colorado, New England, northern Europe, and Canada are probably getting a big chuckle about whining like this. I don’t blame them at all.

This to shall pass.

Good thing Heather kept her snow men out.

Here is a scene from just a few days ago when we had shirtsleeve weather.

Son Logan wearing a tshirt while walking Rascal.

It was so warm that I was asked to water the butterfly waystation on Turkey Mountain. I made Heather come with me. She is a certified master gardener so I thought she could show me how to do it right.

I hope everybody is staying safe and warm.

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Skywatch Friday – Quadruple Threat Week

Coming Through the Rye
Coming Through the Rye by Frederic Remington
at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

Coming Through the Rye shows four horseman in high spirits galloping into town to have a great time. It might be indicative of this week.

Back Yard Skies

First off, this year’s switch to Daylight Savings Time is throwing me off. How can that be? I am retired, I don’t generally have to be anywhere, why is it bothering me. Well it is.

Second, I got my bicycle back. Some guy ran head on to me with his bicycle back in September and it took a while for everything to get healed up and so I took my bike in to get it fixed. Picked it up after a week and went on a test run on the RiverParks and fell down during a botched dismount. No problems, just embarrassment.

And the weather! I went to fetch the kid Wednesday and the skies look a little threatening. Beautiful but threatening. Fortunately all that happened was the wind blew and the rain fell. Welcome to Spring in Oklahoma. It was the aftermath of the storm that dumped so much snow on Colorado.

And then Saint Patrick’s Day. We do our celebrating at home. Saint Paddy’s day used to be huge!! Now its just another day. At least you don’t see as much crappy green beer as one used to find.


And then the kid!! He’s a great guy and he’s about to drive me crazy. Zoom meetings in his pj’s, massive software downloads to upgrade his various gaming devices. Ahhhh!! Glad to have him around though. Really. He’s going back Sunday.

How is your week going!!

Still Hiking Skywatch

This is kind of an “add on” to my last post about hiking on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain last Sunday morning. Don’t tell me that I am the only blogger that milks all the posts he or she can out of an experience.

Turkey Mountain Pond Topaz

What are called ponds everywhere else are called lakes on Turkey Mountain. Don’t ask me why, its just the way it is. Whatever you call them, they are full which is unheard of this late in the summer. Want to know something else? (I am going to tell you anyway, so say yes, okay) I didn’t activate our lawn sprinkler system until this past weekend. It has rained so much we have not watered our yard once.

Turkey Mountain Pond Topaz 02

The ponds are overflowing and the vegetation is lush. I was soaking in DEET so I didn’t get any tick or chigger hitchhikers thank goodness but I was kind of dumb and didn’t take any water which was a mistake even in just a three mile hike.


It always lifts my spirits being out in nature. I didn’t really see anybody else. I love getting back home after my outings and checking instagram for Turkey Mountain. There were at least 25 other people claiming they were all by themselves. It is a testament on how big the area is that we can all be there and not get in each others way.

Do you have a place you can go to get away from it all? I hope so.

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Skywatch Friday – Tulsa Botanic Gardens


A blue sky with fluffy clouds over the children’s garden. I think that is the scariest feature I’ve even seen in a children’s garden. It looks like it eats children!!

We are having some typical Oklahoma Spring Weather this year. Freezing one minute, roasting the next, bone dry, and then soaking. After a few nice days it has turned cold. I did get a chance to get to the Tulsa Botanic Garden during some sunny yet windy weather. It was so windy it was making the tulips bob one way and me and my camera the other way.


From the sky to the ground. There were thousands of tulips blooming. It almost made for retina burn there were so many.


And so many colors. With the bright sun it made the petals translucent. I love that look.

How about you,? Do you have anything blooming where you live?

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Skywatch Friday – Weather Deliverance!!


The weather finally broke and the sun came out and the sky was almost springlike. After our extended cold spell I never realized how warm 36 degrees could feel so warm.


Before hand we had day after day of this, and this is at the end of the day!! Ever hear of Lake Effect Snow? One morning we had “Refinery Effect Snow” the condensation from the cooling towers caused snow on the west side of downtown.


We are finally getting some clouds,  the days are getting longer. We are a long ways from Spring but I am getting hopeful.

What is going on where you live?

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Skywatch Friday – Storm Season


Unedited photo taken in late March 2016 to the east.

It is that time of year again in Oklahoma. The storms are spinning up in west Texas in the early afternoon and then head northwest gathering energy as they go and generally hitting Tulsa well after dark. Wednesday was one of those days. My sister’s employer decided to send her to Tulsa that day right in the path. Great timing guys!!

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Walking The Sunny Beaches of Tulsa


I bet you didn’t know that Tulsa had nice sandy beaches did you? Well, we may not have beaches like this one in Orange Beach, Alabama but it is going to get close to 60F today so a lot of people are going to feel like it is a beach day.

Thank Goodness for Australia is all I say. The Australian bloggers showing the nice warm weather they have down there this time of year is about the only thing that keeps me going.

I know why snowbirds are the way they are.

So, when you think beaches does the word Tulsa pop into your mind?

Yeah, me neither.


At least we haven’t had this so far this Winter


A Long Time Ago, When the Sun Shined


Earlier this week, when the son still shined, I took a little longer walk than usual. I mean you have to when the sun is shining right?


I’m sure glad that I took that walk that was a little longer than usual because the sun decided to go on a New Year’s Holiday.


It may have gone to Hawaii or I don’t know where. I just know that it is not in Oklahoma. It has been cold, wet, and miserable here. So I hadn’t got out to take any other pics.



But, I sure am glad that I took a little extra time that day to enjoy the sun. I’m not sure it is coming back.

Weekend Reflections – Rainy Days


It has been raining here in Tulsa lately, a lot. It is the all day soft steady kind rather than the hard driving flood producing damaging kind of rain. We have been going through a drought so hopefully we are breaking it. Northeast Tulsa is called green country because of all the trees and general lushness. All that lushness requires a lot of water and Tulsa gets an average of 47 inches of rain a year and so far this year we are about 10 inches short of that so I hope we are making it up a little bit.

47 inches a year sounds like a lot to me. That is almost four feet of rain a year!  No wonder we spend so much money on drainage projects and dams around here!

So what about you? Are you getting enough rain where you live?

Weekend Reflections