Skywatch Friday – 1500th Geocaching Found


Tuesday at noon I was signed up to go to a “Lunch and Learn” at work. That is where a vendor agrees to buy us engineers lunch if we agree to listen to their sales spiel. However, it was such a nice day, I ditched the lunch and learn and decided to go look for a new geocache named “RiverCache” right on the banks of the Arkansas River. So I drove down there and went walking along the river using the geocaching app on my cell phone to guide me.


It took me to this little “social trail” on the river.


Which led to this little wild and wooly hobo trail.


After about fifteen minutes of looking here, there, and everywhere I found it!! Actually the photo is not the actual cache. To be fair to other finders and the owners of the cache I am using a photo from another cache I found years ago. The one I found on Tuesday was a lot smaller than this.

I found my first cache on Valentines Day 2004 so I have been at it for over 14 years. I only find a few dozen a year now but I still love it. Check out to get more information about the sport.

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18 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday – 1500th Geocaching Found

  1. Driller's Place

    It seems like University towers has been a part of the Tulsa skyline forever, yet I remember when it was built. Ditching a lunch ‘n learn for recess outside is always the best choice. Have a blessed week-end Yogi.

  2. Kay L. Davies

    I have heard of geocaching, and I think I might have liked it when I was young and energetic, but we didn’t have cell phone technology then. Probably everything cached would have to be made of metal so that it could be found with an old-fashioned metal detector.
    HOWever, I agree with the others about your reflection photos. Always a few of my favourite things!
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  3. Peter B

    I can see how geocaching could get addictive! I’ve run across a couple by accident while hiking out in the desert. It’s like finding treasure!

  4. Alana

    Heard of geocaching; have never attempted it. 1500 caches and a reflection. Congrats! P.S. I hope the cold snap didn’t kill those tulips from last week.

  5. Jeanna

    Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun, if I were in better shape I’d be all over it.
    A fine decision to ditch the lunch and sales pitch and go for a ride especially with such lovely scenery. Give me a bike and a body of water any day.

  6. Angie

    I have read about geo-caching for years but have never tried it. I WILL add it to my written list – things that get written down in this house get done! Great reflection shot (and secretly impressed that you would ditch a lunch and learn!)

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