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Last week I took my father and brother out to the Nature Conservancy’s Tallgrass Prairie Preserve near Pawhuska, Oklahoma. We saw lots of bison and big sky.


This has got to be the closest place to bison heaven on earth. Lots of grass, water, and room to roam.


There were bison close and far, lots of them. I think the herd is about 2000 head or so.



The place is for the bison. There is a ranch headquarters but it is mainly a bunkhouse, offices, and a visitor center with irregular hours. Notice my dad checking to see if anybody was home.



Lots of grass to eat. The preserve staff uses controlled burns extensively to keep the grass healthy.


The bison coexist with oil and gas production operations with apparently no ill effects on the animals.


There are no gates or toll boxes on the Preserve. The allowed roads are all county roads and its all open range, no hours, no fees, no nothing. Just use your common sense is all they ask. Bison can be dangerous so keep your distance, stay on the roads, and don’t pester the critters. Oh, bring your camera.

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13 thoughts on “My World – Nature Conservancy Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

  1. P M Prescott

    Are the cattle ranchers fighting this. There seems to be a disease that transfers from Bison to cattle.

    It’s good to see some of the land there go back to a natural state.

  2. aka Penelope

    It is so nice to see animals roam free in the wild. Wonder if cattle will ever be given the same luxury. Thanks for sharing these … the top photo of buffalo in the tall grasses is beautiful to see.

  3. Barb

    Don’t tell these big guys, but I’m having Bison meatloaf for dinner. I really enjoyed your wide-open photos of the ranch lands and of the animals, Yogi.

  4. Lesley

    Interesting post, especially as I have, coincidentally, just come from a talk about the decline of birds in tallgrass prairie lands and how the return of bison would really help.

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